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SAS JMP 7.0 €30 buy download

Statistical discovery software that's faster, more
dynamic and totally interactive. So you can unlock
the real meaning in your data. Seeing is believing.

Delve deep into your data to understand your
business inside and out. Invent, predict and improve
with the utmost confidence. See for yourself all you
can do with JMP 7, the latest version of statistical
discovery software from SAS.

Don't just stumble into decisions. With JMP, you can
systematically explore vast amounts of data stored
on your desktop, in databases or on a SASr9 server.
Other vendors claim to integrate with SAS, but only
JMP - because it is a SAS product - truly delivers
two-way integration.

Graphics that take you beyond 3-D

Most graphs limit the number of variables to three
dimensions. Not JMP. New graphs routinely allow you
to visualize up to seven dimensions at a time.

For example, this bubble plot represents the market
value and profits of several companies, colored by
assets and sized by annual sales. New motion-enabled
graphics show the variation in the value of any
specified variable over time, business segment and
company name.

Interactive data filtering updates all graphs at

Previously, JMP let you capture and replay your
analyses. You could even save them with your data or
edit them for reuse with other data. JMP 7 goes one
giant step further. Now you can select, exclude,
hide or otherwise filter data, and all graphs and
reports will update automatically.

More data, faster analytics, no limits

JMP keeps pace with your data and computing demands.
The software processes up to 2 billion variables and
an unlimited number of records. That means JMP can
handle any real-world problem. With JMP 7 on 64-bit
Windows and Linux, there are virtually no
restrictions on data size. And JMP 7 runs on Windows

Query, visualize and interact with your SASr data
like never before

SAS provides a rich environment for batch analytics
and stored applications - plus powerful integration
and manipulation tools for large amounts of data.

JMP 7 adds an important dimension to SAS Analytics:
dynamic business visualization. JMP is a SAS client
that lets you grab, slice and spin your data to make
it come alive. Everything in JMP is active. There's
no waiting for results when you submit a change,
request a report or make a query to the server. With
JMP, you just point, click, drag and drop to explore
items of interest, and you see the results
instantly. SAS programmers can write SAS code using
JMP, submit it to the server, and view results as
interactive JMP graphs and reports.

Share information and limit rework

After JMP helps you make sense of your data, it also
makes it easy to share with your co-workers or
managers all the project files, including data
tables, journals and scripts.

Just drag files and windows to the project window,
and then save the project in an embedded form. When
a colleague opens the project, JMP restores
everything so you're ready for the next step,
wherever that takes you.

Download File Size:134.85 MB

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