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Backbone.Marionette.js EPUB, PDF eBook $10 buy download

2013 | ISBN-10: N/A | 244 pages | EPUB, PDF | 8 MB

Backbone.js has become a popular library for developing modern web applications as their complexity and size increase. With Marionette.js, boilerplate code is handled by the library, letting you focus on your application’s specifics. You’ll discover Marionette components, along with when and why to use them. After you’ve made it through the book, you’ll be comfortable writing a Marionette application on your own. Exercises covering the basic concepts are included (with solutions), so you can check for yourself if you’ve properly understood the functionality that was covered in a given chapter. You’ll learn how to build the application at davidsulc step by step, including: Structuring your large apps with modules to manage complexity Using regions and layouts to segment your displays and make them manageable Managing forms, along with error display Handling data latency and displaying loading views Filtering collections and updating views, matching URL fragments to filtering criteria Extending the Marionette framework to clean up your code and make your life easier Using mixins to add common functionality to objects Defining your own view classes to extend from, sharing common behavior Implementing Backbone routing properly Swapping sub-applications Managing menu entries with non-persisted models And much more! All of this is covered step by step so you fully understand how and why code is being added, removed, or refactored. What you need A recent browser to run the web application. All development will be local, so you won’t be required to have a running server. Code excerpts are in JavaScript, and assume a working knowledge of the language, as well as DOM manipulation. Code commits are available in a Git repository, but can also be perused on the web

Download File Size:6.81 MB

Backbone.Marionette.js EPUB, PDF eBook
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