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Library Physics - Mathematics - Ebook Collection DJVU eBook €10 buy download

Library Physics - Mathematics - Ebook Collection
English | DJVU | Large Books Collection | 1.57 GB

Complete List of Ebooks Included
030818090032 An Introduction To Lattice Gauge Theory And Spin Systems.djvu
Abramovitz M., Stegun I.A. (eds.) Handbook of mathematical functions (10ed., NBS, 1972)(T)(1037s).djv
Adled, R. - Random fields and their geometry (Stanford Lecture)(T).djvu
Alexandroff - Elementary Concepts In Topology (1960)(T).djvu
Altland & Simons - Concepts Of Theoretical Solid State Physics(412s)(T).djvu
Altland A. QFT methods in condensed matter physics (lectures, 2001)(T)(412s).djvu
Ames - Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations(1977)(2ed)(T).djvu
Ames W.F. Numerical methods for PDE (2ed., 1977)(T)(378s).djvu
Amit D.J. - Field Theory, the Renormalization Group, and Critical Phenomena (2ed., WS, 1984)(ISBN.djv
An Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, with Applications(T).djvu
Anderson M.R. The mathematical theory of cosmic strings (IOP, 2003)(T)(393s).djvu
Anderson P W Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics(T).djvu
Apostol T.M. Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Springer, 1976)(T)(350s).djvu
Arfken Weber - Mathematical methods for physicists - 5ed(600dpi)(994s)(T).djvu
Aris R Vectors, Tensors, And The Basic Equations Of Fluid Mechanics (Dover)(314s)(T).djvu
Arnold V., Khezin B. Topological Methods in Hydrodynamics (Springer, 1998)(T)(392s).djvu
Arnold V.I. Lectures on Partial Differential Equations (Springer,2004)(ISBN 3540404481)(600dpi)(T.djv
Arnold V.I. Mathematical methods of classical mechanics (2ed, Springer, 1989)(536s)(T).djvu
Arnold V.I. Ordinary differential equations (MIT, 1978)(no TOC)(T)(273s).djvu
Arnold.D - Functional Analysis(T).djvu
Arya - Classical Mechanics 2nd ed(T).djvu
Ashcroft, Neil W, Mermin, David N - Solid State Physics(T).djvu
Ashtekar A. Lectures on nonperturbative canonical gravity (WS, 1991)(L)(T)(177s).djvu
Atiyah M. Geometry of Yang-Mills fields (L)(T)(51s).djvu
Atiyah M. et al. Representation theory of Lie groups (CUP, 1973)(L)(T)(177s).djvu
Atkins P, Molecular Quantum Mechanics, Oup 1996(T).djvu
Baez J C , Muniain J P Gauge Theories, Knots, And Gravity (Ws, 1994)(L)(T)(239S).djvu
Baez, Segal, Zhou. Introduction to Algebraic and Constructive Quantum Field Theory (Princeton UP.djv
Bailey N.T.J. The elements of stochastic processes, with applications to natural sciences (Wiley,.djv
Baker A. Matrix groups, an introduction to Lie groups (Springer, 2002)(ISBN 1852334703)(L)(T)(173.djv
Balescu. Equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (Wiley, 1975)(T)(756s).djvu
Ballentine L. Quantum mechanics - a modern development (1998)(T)(673s).djvu
Banach - Calculo diferencial e integral(T)(273s).djvu
Barut, Duru. Path integral formulation of quantum electrodynamics from classical particle traject.djv
Barvinsky, Vilkovisky. Generalized Schwinger-DeWitt technique in gauge theories and quantum gravi.djv
Bass - Probability Theory(47s)(T).djvu
Bass - Stochastic Calculus For Discontinuous Processes(T).djvu
Batchelor - Introduction To Fluid Dynamics(T).djvu
Bazant M.Z. Introduction to random walks and diffusion (lecture notes 2001)(T)(150s).djvu
Bell J Speakable And Unspeakable In Quantum Mechanics (Cup, 1987)(K)(T)(225S).djvu
Bellman R. Stability theory of differential equations (MGH, 1953)(T)(179s)_MCde_.djvu
Bender C., Orszag S. Advanced mathematical methods for scientists and engineers (MGH, 1978)(600dp.djv
Berger M. A panoramic view of Riemannian geometry (Springer, 2002)(T)(872s).djvu
Bergman S., Schiffer M. Kernel Functions and Elliptic Differential Equations in Mathematical Phys.djv
Berry M. Principles of cosmology and gravitation (CUP, 1976)(ISBN 0521210615)(L)(T)(94s).djvu
Bloch F. - Fundamentals Of Statistical Mechanics (World Scientific, 2000)(T).djvu
Bluman G.W., Kumei S. Symmetries and differential equations (Springer, 1989)(600dpi)(K)(T)(405s).djvu
Bonometto (ed). Modern cosmology 2001 (compilation)(482s)(T).djvu
Borne, Lochak, Stumpf. Nonperturbative Quantum Field Theory and the Structure of Matter (Kluwer, .djv
Bratteli O., Robinson D.W. Vol.2. Operator algebras and quantum statistical mechanics (2ed., Spri.djv
Brennen C.E. Cavitation and bubble dynamics (Oxford, 1995)(ISBN 0195094093)(294s)(T).djvu
Bridges, Douglas - Foundations Of Real And Abstract Analysis(T).djvu
Bryan G. H. - Thermodynamics, an introductory treatise (Teubner, 1907)(219s)(T).djvu
Bryant - Differential Systems & Euler-Lagrange Pde (219s)(T).djvu
Bulirsch, Stoer Introduction To Numerical Analysis (2Ed , Springer, 1993)(400Dpi)(Isbn 038797878X.djv
Cahn R.N. Semisimple Lie algebras and their representations (1984)(T)(164s).djvu
Callan C J Topics In Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Princeton Lectures, 1996)(T)(189S).djvu
Callen, Herbert B - Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics 2nd Edition(ocr).djvu
Campbell J.E. Elementary treatise on Lie theory of transformation groups (1903)(T)(444s).djvu
Carrol, Sean - Lecture Notes on General Relativity(238s)(T).djvu
Carslaw H.S. Introduction to the theory of Fourier's series and integrals (2ed., MacMillan, 1981).djv
Cartan, E._On manifolds with an affine connection and general relativity (Bibliopolis, 1986)(ISBN.djv
Chaikin P M , Lubensky T C Principles Of Condensed Matter Physics (Cup, 1995)(K)(T)(719S).djvu
Chandler D. Introduction to modern statistical mechanics (Oxford, 1987)(T)(286s).djvu
Chandrasekhar. Stochastic problems in Physics and Astronomy (1943)(T)(89s).djvu
Chen, Dibenedetto (Eds) Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Proceedings, Ams, 1998)(T)(300S.djv
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C. Analysis, manifolds and physics, vol.2. 92 applications (ISB.djv
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. Analysis, Manifolds and Physics Vol.1 Bas.djv
Chorin A., Marsden J. A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (Springer, 1993)(T)(ISBN 038.djv
Chow - Mathematical Methods For Physicists - A Concise Introduction (2000)(569S)(T).djvu
Chung K.L. A course in probability theory (3ed., AP, 2001)(T)(432s)_MV_.djvu
Claerbout - Fourier Transforms and Waves.pdf
Clarke - Fourier Theory(62s).pdf
Clarkson P.A. (ed) Applications of analytic and geometric methods to nonlinear differential equat.djv
Clarkson R., McKeon D.G.C. Quantum field theory (U.Waterloo lecture notes, 2003)(T)(266s).djvu
Cohen-Tannoudji C., Diu B., Laloe F. Quantum mechanics, vol. 1(T)(887s).djvu
Cohen-Tannoudji C., Diu B., Laloe F. Quantum mechanics, vol. 2(T)(613s).djvu
Cohen_Tonnoudji - Introduction to Quantum Electrodynamics(509s)(T).djvu
Connes A. Non-commutative differential geometry (IHES, 1985)(105s)(T).djvu
Conway J.B. - A Course in Functional Analysis(T).djvu
Conway J.B. Functions of one complex variable (2ed., Springer, 1978)(L)(T)(167s).djvu
Copson E.T. Partial differential equations (CUP, 1975)(T)(285s)_MCde_.djvu
Courant, Hilbert - Methods of Mathematical Physics Vol. 1 (578p)(T).djvu
Courant, Hilbert - Methods of Mathematical Physics Vol. 2 ENG (836p)(T).djvu
Crewther, R. - Introduction To Quantum Field Theory(47s)(T).djvu
Curtain R.F., Pritchard A.J. Functional analysis in modern applied mathematics (AP, 1977)(L)(T)(1.djv
Cvitanovic P. Group theory (Lie and other) (draft 2002)(T)(283s).djvu
Dahlberg, Kenig - Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations(T).djvu
Dalvit, Frastai, Lawrie. Problems on statistical mechanics (IOP, 1999)(T)(291s).djvu
De Finetti B. Theory of Probability. A critical introductory treatment. V.2 (Wiley, 1990)(KA)(T)(.djv
DeWitt B.S., Stora R. (eds.) Relativity, groups and topology II (Les Houches 1983 lectures, NH, 1.djv
DeWitt. Quantum field theory in curved spacetime (PR19, 1975)(T)(63s).djvu
Dekker H. Classical and quantum mechanics of the damped harmonic oscillator (PR80, p1, 1981)(T)(1.djv
Dieck T. Quantum Groups and Knot Algebra (2000)(201s)(T).djvu
Diestel Geometry Of Banach Spaces (LNM)(1975)(T)(Springer Verlag).djvu
Dirac, P.A.M. - General theory of relativity (1975)(T).djvu
Dittrich W., Reuter M. Classical and quantum dynamics.. from classical paths to path integrals (3.djv
Dodson C.T.J., Poston T. Tensor geometry (2ed., Springer, GTM 130, 1991)(KA)(ISBN 038752018X)(T)(.djv
Dold A. Lectures on algebraic topology (2ed., Springer)(T)(383s).djvu
Don S. Lemons. An Introduction to Stochastic Processes in Physics. 2002(T).djvu
Doob - Stochastic processes (Wiley, English)(T).djvu
Dorlas. Statistical mechanics, fundamentals and model solutions (1999)(400dpi)(T)(ISBN 0750305398.djv
Driver, Bruce - Topology and functional analysis(Lectude Notes)(T)(92s).pdf
Durrett R. Probability Theory.. Theory and Examples (2ed, Duxbury 1996)(T)(525s)(300dpi)_MV_.djvu
E-Book - Weinberg - The Quantum Theory Of Fields, Vol 2 Modern Applications (Cup, 1996)(511S).djvu
Edwards, Harnold M. - Advanced Calculus. A Differential Forms Approach(1969)(T)(452s).djvu
Einstein, Albert - Relativity - The Special And General Theory(163s)(T).djvu
Eisenhart L.P. An introduction to differential geometry with use of tensor calculus (Princeton, 1.djv
Ericksen Jl - Introduction To The Thermodynamics Of Solids (Springer, 1998)(T)(101S).djvu
Eringen A C (Ed) Continuum Physics, Vol 4 (Ap, 1976)(Isbn 0122408047)(K)(T)(287S) Pcem.djvu
Esposito F.P., Witten L. (eds.) Asymptotic structure of space-time (Proc. Cincinnati, Plenum, 197.djv
Evans L.C. Partial differential equations (AMS, 1997)(T)(664s).djvu
F. De Felice, C. J. S. Clarke - Relativity on curved manifolds (CUP, 1990)(T).djvu
Feller W. An introductio to probability theory and its applications vol.1 (Wiley, 1967)(400dpi)(T.djv
Feller W. An introduction to probability theory and its applications Vol 2 (3ed., Wiley, 1971)(T).djv
Ferziger J.H., Peric M. Computational methods for fluid dynamics (Springer, 3ed, 2001)(T)(431s).djvu
Feynman - Quantum Mechanics(T).djvu
Feynman Mathematical Formulation Of Quantum Electrodynamics (Phys Rev 80, 1950)(T)(18S).djvu
Feynman RP, et al. The theory of a general quantum system interacting with a linear dissipative s.djv
Feynman et al. Lectures on computation (1996)(L)(T)(162s).djvu
Feynman, Hibbs. Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals (MGH 1965)(T)(377s).djvu
Feynman, Leyton, Sands - Lectures on physics. Vol. 1 (AW, 1964)(515s)(T).djvu
Feynman, Leyton, Sands - Lectures on physics. Vol. 2 (AW, 1964)(536s)(T).djvu
Feynman, Leyton, Sands - Lectures on physics. Vol. 3 (AW, 1964)(327s)(T).djvu
Feynman. An operator calculus with applications in QED (Phys.Rev.84, 1951)(T).djvu
Fishman. Monte-Carlo methods, concepts and applications (Springer)(T)(722s).djvu
Folland G. Real analysis.. modern techniques and their applications (2ed., PAM, Wiley, 1999)(T)(I.djv
Forsyth A R Vol 4 Theory Of Differential Equations, Part 3 Ordinary Linear Equations (Cup, 1902)(.pdf
Forsyth A.R. Vol.2. Theory of differential equations, part 2. Ordinary nonlinear equations (CUP, .djv
Forsyth A.R. Vol.5. Theory of differential equations, part 4. PDEs (CUP, 1906)(L)(T)(249s).djvu
Fourier tranform and Laplace transfrom.pdf
Freund J.A., Poeschel T. (eds.) Stochastic processes in physics, chemistry, and biology (LNP557, .djv
Friedman A. - Stochastic differential equations and applications Vol. 1 (AP 1975)(243s)(T).djvu
Friedman. Foundations of modern analysis (Dover, 1982)(L)(T)(129s).djvu
Frisch U. Turbulence, the legacy of A.N. Kolmogorov (CUP, 1995)(T)(308s).djvu
Galindo A., Pascual P. Quantum mechanics I (Springer, 1990)(ISBN 0387514066)(T) (431s).djvu
Galindo A., Pascual P. Quantum mechanics II (Springer, 1991)(ISBN 038752309X)(T)(388s).djvu
Galperin Y M Introduction To Modern Solid State Physics(476S)(T).djvu
Gasiorowicz, S. - Quantum Physics (3ed 2003, 348p)(T).djvu
Gautreau R , W Savin Schaums Outline Of Modern Physics (Schaum,1999)(Isbn 0070248303)(300Dpi)(T)(.djv
Geroch R. - Mathematical physics (1985-University of Chicago press-178pg)(T).djvu
Gibbs J.W. Elementary principles of statistical mechanics (1902)(T)(229s).djvu
Goldstein, Poole, Safko. Classical mechanics (3ed., AW, 2000)(T)(C)(636s)(T).djvu
Gordon H. Discrete probability (Springer, 1997)(600dpi)(T)(277s)_MV_.djvu
Gray. - Entropy and information theory (Springer, 1990, 304s)(T).djvu
Greiner - Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics (Springer, 1997)(476s)(T).djvu
Greiner Classical Mechanics Systems Of Particles And Hamiltonian Dynamics (Springer, 2003)(400dpi.djv
Greiner Classical mechanics-Point particles and relativity (Springer, 2004)(T)(510s)(T).djvu
Greiner W. - Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics (400dpi)(T)(480s).djvu
Greiner W. Quantum Mechanics.. Special Chapters (Springer,1998)(ISBN 3540600736)(400dpi)(K)(T)(40.djv
Greiner W. Quantum mechanics. An introduction (Springer, 2001)(T)(509s).djvu
Greiner W. Relativistic quantum mechanics. Wave equations (Springer, 2000)(600dpi)(T)(447s).djvu
Greiner W., Maruhn J. - Nuclear Models (Springer,1996)(ISBN 354059180X)(600dpi)(T)(399s)(K)_PQft_.djv
Greiner W., Muller B. Gauge Theory of Weak Interactions (Springer,2000)(ISBN 3540676724)(600dpi)(.djv
Greiner, Quantum Electrodynamics (3Ed , Springer, 2003)(400Dpi)(T)(493S).djvu
Greiner. Classical electrodynamics (Springer, 1998)(400dpi)(T)(569s).djvu
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to electrodynamics (3ed., PH, 1999)(T)(596s).djvu
Griffiths D.J. Introduction to quantum mechanics (PH, 1995)(T)(408s).djvu
Gross D. Lectures on Quantum Field Theory (no TOC, no ch.1)(T)(362s).djvu
Guggenheim E.A. Thermodynamics (NH, 1967)(400dpi)(T)(ISBN 0444869514)(412s).djvu
Haberman - Elementary Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Val.djv
Halmos. Finite-dimensional vector spaces. Springer (205s).djvu
Hatcher, Allen - Algebraic Topology (CUP)(553s)(T).djvu
Hatfield QFT of particles and strings(T).djvu
Hawking S. Ellis G.F. The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time (1973)(CUP)(399s).djvu
Hayek - Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering(737s)(T).djvu
Heermann D.W. Computer Simulation Methods in Theoretical Physics. (2ed, Springer, 1990) (T)(155s).djv
Heinbockel J.H. Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics (lecture notes, 1996)(T)(.djv
Held A (Ed) Vol 1 General Relativity And Gravitation 100 Years After The Birth Of Albert Einstein.djv
Henneaux, Teitelboim. Quantization of gauge systems (1991)(L)(T)(283s).djvu
Henneaux. Hamiltonian from the path integral for theories with gauge freedom (PR126, 1985)(T)(66s.djv
Hermann R. (ed.) Sophus Lie#s 1880 transformation group paper (1975)(L)(T)(305s).djvu
Hermann R. (ed.) Sophus Lie's 1884 differential invariant paper (1976)(L)(T)(146s).djvu
Hille E., Phillips R.S. Functional analysis and Semi-Groups (AMS, 1957)(600dpi)(T)(819s).djvu
Hoffman J.D. Numerical methods for engineers and scientists (2ed., M.Dekker, 2001)(ISBN 082470443.djv
Hooft, G. T. - Introduction to general relativity(68s)(T).djvu
Hormander L Linear Partial Differential Operators Vol 2 (Springer, 1983)(L)(T)(201S).djvu
Huang K Statistical Mechanics (2Ed , Wiley, 1987)(T)(506S).djvu
Hughes B.D. Random walks and random environments, vol.2 (Oxford, 1996)(L)(T)(C)(274s).djvu
Hughes, B. - Random Walks and Random Environments (Vol.1)-Random Walks(T)(ISBN0198537883).djvu
Isham, Chris - Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists(306s)(T).djvu
Isihara A. Statistical physics (AP, 1971)(L)(T)(227s).djvu
Jackson J D Classical Electrodynamics (Wiley, 1962)(T)(656S).djvu
Johnson - Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method(T).djvu
K.Najim, E.Ikonen, A.-K.Daoud - Stochastic processes. Estimation, optimization and analysis(T).djvu
Kadanoff L.P., Baym G. Quantum statistical mechanics (Benjamin, 1962)(L)(T)(C)(107s)_PTqs_.djvu
Kannan D. Introduction to stochastic processes (Elsevier, 1979)(L)(T)(156s).djvu
Kilmister C.W. General theory of relativity (Pergamon, 1973)(ISBN 0080176399)(T).djvu
Kincaid D., Cheney W. Numerical analysis (1991)(T)(ISBN 0534130143)(701s).djvu
Kittel - Thermodynamics (256s)(ocr).djvu
Kittel, Charles - Introduction To Solid State Physics 7Th Edition Eng (692S).djvu
Kleinert H Quantum Field Theory And Particle Physics(T)(1092S).djvu
Klimyk A., Schmudgen K. Quantum groups and their representations (Springer, 1997)(T)(582s).djvu
Kolmogorov A.N., Fomin S.V. Introductory real analysis (Dover)(L)(T)(206s).djvu
Kolmogorov, Fomin. Measure, Lebesgue integral and Hilbert space (AP, 1961)(T)(158s).djvu
Komma M. Moderne Physik mit Maple.. von Newton zu Feynman (1995)(de)(T)(323s).djvu
Kreimer D. Knots and Feynman diagrams (Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics, 13. CUP 2000)(L)(T)(13.djv
Kubo R. Thermodynamics (NH, 1968)(T)(310s).djvu
Kubo R., Toda M., Hashitsume N. Statistical physics II.. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics (Sp.djv
Kurasov. Operator Theory and functional analysis(T)(101s).djvu
Kurosh - The Theory of Groups - Vol.1.djvu
Lai W M , Rubin D , Krempl E Introduction To Continuum Mechanics (3Ed , 1999)(T)(568S).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 1. Mechanics 3Rd Edition Eng (197s)(T).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 2. The classical theory of fields(193s)(T).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 2. The classical theory of fields(T).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 3. Quantum mechanics Nonrelativistic theory 3ed 1977(T).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 5. Statistical physics part 1(T)(562s).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 6. Fluid mechanics (2ed, 1987)(T)(551s).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 8. Electrodynamics of Continuous Media, 2nd edition ENG (474p)(T).djvu
Landau, Lifschitz. Vol. 9. Statistical physics part 2(T)(397s).djvu
Landsman N P Mathematical Topics Between Classical And Quantum Mechanics (Springer, 1998)(K)(T)(5.djv
Lang S. Real analysis (2ed, AW, 1983)(552s).djvu
Lebedev, Vorovich - Functional.Analysis.in.Mechanics(Springer)(251s)(K)(T).djvu
Lee J.M. Differential geometry, analysis, and physics (draft 2000)(T)(469s).djvu
Lee, H. and Schiesser, W. - Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation Routines in C, C++, Fortra.djv
Li M., Vitanyi P. An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications (2ed., Springer, .djv
Liddle A. Introduction to modern cosmology (2ed., Wiley, 2003)(T)(189s).djvu
Liddle, A. - An Introduction To Modern Cosmology 2003(189s)(T).djvu
Lieb E. Models in statistical mechanics(T)(44s).djvu
Lindblad. Generators of quantum dynamical semigroups (Comm. Math. Phys. 1976)(T)(12s).djvu
Loops, knots, gauge theories and quantum gravity (CUP, 1996)(T).djvu
Lopez-Gomez J. Spectral theory and nonlinear functional analysis (CRC, 2001)(T)(C)(269s).djvu
Lugo. Differential geometry in physics (lecture notes, 1998)(62s)(T).djvu
M Kaku - Quantum field theory (a modern introduction)(T).djvu
Macdonald I.G. Symmetric Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials (AMS 1998)(600dpi)(T)(ISBN 08218077.djv
Mackey M.C. Time's arrow.. the origins of thermodynamic behavior (Springer, 1991)(600dpi)(T)(186s.DJV
Mallett, M. - Thermodynamics and statistical physics for engineering(L)(T)(C)(27s)(ocr).djvu
Manin Yu. Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry (CRM, 1988)(L)(T)(49s).djvu
Marcolli. Seiberg-Witten gauge theory (MIT lectures)(205s)(T).djvu
Marsden, Ratiu, Abraham - Manifolds Tensor Analysis and - Applications (Springer)(T)(2003).djvu
Mathews Walker - Mathematical methods of Physics(501s)(eng)(T)(ISBN 0805370021).djvu
Miller K.S. Complex stochastic processes (AW, 1974)(KA)(T)(251s)_MVspa_.djvu
Miller W. Lie theory and special functions (AP, 1968)(T)(346s).djvu
Mills R.L. The grand unified theory of quantum classical mechanics (crackpot bogus quack)(2000)(T.djv
Milman Eidelman Tsolomitis, Functional analysis An Introduction(T).djvu
Milne - Class Field Theory(230s)(T).djvu
Mimura M., Toda H. Topology of Lie groups, I and II (AMS, 1991)(L)(T)(227s).djvu
Miranda R. Algebraic curves and Riemann surfaces (AMS, 1995)(T)(ISBN 0821802682)(399s).djvu
Misner, Thorne, Wheeler - Gravitation (english) (Freeman & Co. 1973)(1304p)(T).djvu
Morse And Feshbach - Methods Of Theoretical Physics - Volume 1 Eng (1061S)(T).djvu
Morse And Feshbach - Methods Of Theoretical Physics - Volume 2 Eng (997S)(T).djvu
Munkres J R Analysis On Manifolds (Addison-Wesley, 1991)(T)(380s).djvu
Munkres J. Topology (2ed., PH, 2000)(L)(T)(276s).djvu
Myshkis A.D., et al. Low-Gravity Fluid Mechanics (Springer, 1987)(601s).djvu
Nagaosa N. QFT in condensed matter physics (Springer, 1999)(T)(214s).djvu
Nakahara M. Geometry, topology and physics(T)(497s).djvu
Nash C. Differential topology and quantum field theory (AP 1991)(L)(T)(199s).djvu
Nash C., Sen S. - Topology and geometry for physicists - (Academic Press, 1983)(T).djvu
Nayak C. Solid state physics (UCLA lecture notes, 2000)(T)(86s).djvu
Neumann, John - Mathematical Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics(445s)(T).djvu
Nevanlinna Paatero - Introduction to complex analysis (AW)(354s)(T).djvu
Numerical analysis 2000. Vol.7. Partial differential equations (JCAM v128, 2001)(T)(465s).djvu
O'Neill B Elementary Differential Geometry (Ap, 1966)(L)(T)(210S).djvu
Oliver, Shakiban - Applied Mathematics(1165s)(T).djvu
Olshanetsky M.A., Perelomov A.M. Classical integrable finite-dimensional systems related to Lie a.djv
Ottesen J.P. Infinite Dimensional Groups and Algebras in Quantum Physics (LNPm, Springer, 1995)(L.djv
Page, J. M. - Ordinary differential equations, with introduction to Lie theory(T).djvu
Papoulis - Probability Random Variables and Stochastic Processes Solutions Manual(McGraw Hill.200.djv
Papoulis A. Probability, random variables, stochastic processes (3ed., MGH, 1991)(400dpi)(T)(678s.djv
Pathria, R K - Statistical Mechanics (2Nd Ed, 1996, 540P)(T).djvu
Penrose O Foundations Of Statistical Mechanics(Pergamon, 1979)(600Dpi)(Ka)(T)(253S) Pt.djvu
Peskin, Schroesder - An introduction To Quantum Field Theory(T).djvu
Phillips A.C. Introduction to quantum mechanics (Wiley, 2003)(T)(284s).djvu
Planck M. Treatise on thermodynamics (3ed., Dover, 1945)(T)(320s).djvu
Poisson, Eric - An advanced course in general relativity(190s)(T).djvu
Polchinski J. String theory vol. 1 (CUP, 1998)(L)(T)(215s).djvu
Polchinski J. String theory vol. 2 (CUP, 1998)(K)(T)(534s).djvu
Polyanin, Zaitsev. Handbook of exact solutions for ODEs (CRC, 1995)(ISBN 0849394384)(T)(711s).djvu
Poularikas - Probability and Stochastic Processes(T).djvu
Poularikas. Transforms and applications handbook 2ed (CRC Press, 2000)(T)(1335s).djvu
Prieve, Dennis - A Course in Fluid Mechanics With Vector Field Theory(198s)(ocr).pdf
Properties Of The Classical Fourier Transform, Some Examp.pdf
Reed M., Simon B. Vol 1. Methods of mathematical physics. Functional analysis (AP, 1980)(K)(T)(IS.djv
Reed M., Simon B. Vol 2. Methods of mathematical physics. Fourier analysis, self-adjointness (AP,.djv
Reed M., Simon B. Vol 3. Methods of modern Mathematical Physics - Scattering Theory(T).djvu
Reed M., Simon B. Vol 4. Methods of modern mathematical physics. Analysis of operators (AP, 1978).djv
Regge. Introduction to relativity (CERN lectures)(T)(27s).djvu
Reichl L.E. A modern course in statistical physics (2ed, Wiley, 1998)(400dpi)(T)(840s).djvu
Reif Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics(T).djvu
Revesz P. Random walks of infinitely many particles (WS, 1994)(ISBN 9810217846)(KA)(T)(205s)_MVsp.djv
Richard P Feynman - Surely You're Joking, Mr Feynman(T).djvu
Riley, Hobson - Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering(2.ed)(T).djvu
Robert M. Wald, gr-qc 9912119 - The Thermodynamics of Black Holes.pdf
Roos M. Introduction to cosmology (3ed., Wiley, 2003)(ISBN 0470849096)(287s).pdf
Rosinger E E. Generalized Solutions Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Elsevier, 1987)(.djv
Rovelli - Quantum Gravity(349s)(T).djvu
Rudin W. Real and complex analysis (MGH, 1970)(L)(T)(212s).djvu
Rudin, Functional analysis(T).djvu
Sachs R.K., Wu H. General relativity for mathematicians (Springer, 1977)(T)(301s).djvu
Sakurai.Modern Quantum Mechanics(T).djvu
Salvi - The Navier-Stokes Equations Theory and Numerical Methods(T).djvu
Saxe K - Beginning Functional Analysis (Springer, 2002)(T).djvu
Schaum's - general_topology(T)(254s).djvu
Schaum's Outlines - Probability, Random Variables And Random Processes, 1997.pdf
Schiff L.I. Quantum mechanics (MGH, 1949)(T)(417s).djvu
Scholz, E. - The Introduction of Groups into Quantum Theory(61s)(T).djvu
Schumacher B. Physics in spacetime.. special relativity (lecture notes, 2000)(T)(120s).djvu
Schutz B.F. A first course in general relativity (CUP, 1985)(ISBN 0521277035)(KA)(T)(390s).djvu
Serge Lang - Algebra.djvu
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