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Kali Ray Free The Hips Free The Spine Gentle Cardio Strengthening €15 buy download

Year: 2004
Country: USA
Genre: Yoga
Language: English
Duration: 1:04:30, 1:02:13, 1:00:23, 0:59:30

(1) The well-known yoga instructor Kali Ray shows developed her style complexes Tri Yoga. The complex "FREE THE HIPS" (relax in the hips) Kali Ray is 10 exercises, while relaxing and strengthening the lower body.
In general, such a calm hatha, suitable for women. Without the extreme.
(2) Complex for strengthening the back and spine.
(3) The system is designed for the heart and improve blood circulation.
(4) exercises to strengthen the lower part of the body.

American Kali Ray, or Kali- ji, as on Indian students respectfully call her , is the creator of Tri Yoga, which includes a full range of traditional yoga practices.
At age 20 , making a voyage on a yacht on the waters of a large lake Airy , she came with a friend in a heavy storm and wave Cali washed overboard . Woman bore some time in the icy waves , sudden fear was replaced by state of peace when death was not terrible.
Doing a few laps in the raging water, one still able to pick it up and return to shore . Shortly thereafter , in 1980, in Cali began mystical experiences ( as later explained her Indian guru associated with the activation of Kundalini energy ) , during which her â€â€body began spontaneously perform a series of yoga asanas linked smooth dynamic transitions. In the Indian tradition, a phenomenon called " Kriyavati ."
Thus was born the system of Tri Yoga (Tri Yoga), where the first part of the name represents the trinity of Being, Consciousness and Bliss ( Sat Chit Ananda ) , the key concept of Indian spiritual philosophy.
Later Kali -ji met his Guru - Swami Ganapathi Satchidananda from Mysore , Karnataka , renowned spiritual teacher , which in India is considered Text Lord Dattatreya .
Swamiji explained the pupil, as a result experienced shock during a storm , it appeared the results of spiritual practice of past incarnations , when it was an Indian woman mystic .
Legend or not - everyone decides for himself , but the system Kali Ray really interesting and effective approach to the practice of asanas . Tri smooth style of yoga is particularly well suited to women , although includes enough power and balance poses.
Often used in asanas mudras - special provisions fingers guiding movement of subtle energy. Only system, there are seven levels with increasing degrees of difficulty , each level includes five training sequences , the last two levels - pranayama and meditation .
On the first level filmed an instructional video . Kali teaches asanas and pranayama , meditation, mantras , yoga, chi - in general teaches traditional holistic approach to yoga as a spiritual path . She twice ( 1992-94 years) was in our workshops with , had a great influence on the development of the domestic dynamic yoga .
Husband Kali Ray - American musician Max Merkuri , shares her spiritual journey , and recorded several albums with a soulful performance of Indian mantras.

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Kali Ray Free The Hips Free The Spine Gentle Cardio Strengthening
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