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Embird 2012 Build 9 €15 buy download

Year / Issue Date: 2012
Version: 2012 Build 9
Developer: Embird
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Windows 8 has not been tested)
Language: Multilingual

Computer Embroidery Program http://makosh-ka.pp.ua/
What's new ?
Compared with the version of Embird 2010 Build 8.8 C, in Embird 2012 Build Version 9 added :
- Support for reading formats Janome JPX, SSS. In Embird now all plugins , including Iconizer, work in 32- bit and 64-bit Windows 7 , there is now a fast 64 -bit plugin.
- Embird is now able to save files in formats PES and VP3 with the list of threads, yarns selected from the catalog and color information .
- Embird 2012 creates a pre- viewing files Embird Editor Files (*. EEF) in the module "Manager" and the «Iconizer». Files with the extension EEF - working files module " Editor ", save in this format , you can go to File - Save as online store (Save Workspace As).
- Embird now allows you to select the version PES format when saving to -. PES file.
- A new format «Smarteer Sew Style» - SSS.
- Added two options for viewing Machine Embroidery Designs . Density Map ( Map density) and X -Ray ( X-ray ) .
Density map allows you to define where the density is too high (red color shows that the density is exceeded ) . View Mode X -Ray to determine whether there is overlap in the objects .
- Now you can add a watermark . See the new tutorial «Add Watermark», which explains this topic .
- When you install a new application is added Embird «Embird Quick Searcher». This program is installed automatically along with the main program Embird during installation of the latter. You can set automatic startup of this program when you start Windows. «Embird Quick Searcher» allows you to quickly find the designs , photos, documents , music files and video files on your hard disk.
- When you install Embird also added another new application «Embird Clip Image». This program is also installed automatically along with the main program Embird during installation of the latter. «Embird Clip Image» is a simple program that works with the clipboard . It allows you to quickly draw images complete with explanatory arrows and numbers.
- Added a new option in the "Settings" menu , the command automatically create ZIP files (*. ZIP), to automatically create a ZIP file archive for each file is displayed and / or created in Embird.
- In Cross Stitch added new chart threads : Poly-X40, MTB-Embroidex.
- If you double click on a table with flowers design ( below the viewing area in the Middle Panel ) and the CTRL key is pressed , Embird will prompt to select thread colors from a directory rather than a standard dialog box for selecting a color .
- If possible , Embird now displays the following information when you view JPG or TIF images:
- Author
- Copyrights
- Description
- Make and model of equipment
- Date and time
Data are presented in yellow , which appears after a few seconds of inactivity , when the mouse pointer is over the displayed image . Moreover, they are shown in the panel below the preview area , if the option " Open panel summary information " is included . ( You can enable it in the menu " Settings "> " Open panel summary information ").
- Added new directories thread :
Gunold, Premium Select Soft Antique Poly, Premium Select High Luster Poly Emb Thread.
- Added New hoop :
-Brother PR- 1000 Xtra Wide Angle Cap Frame ( 360 x 60 mm)
-Brother PR- 1000 Xtra Large ( 360 x 200 mm) - Horizontal
-Brother PR- 1000 Xtra Large ( 200 x 360 mm) - Vertical
-Brother PR- 1000 Jumbo Frame (overlap, 360 x 360 mm) - Horizontal
-Brother PR- 1000 Jumbo Frame (overlap, 360 x 360 mm) - Vertical

Download File Size:96.13 MB

Embird 2012 Build 9
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