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Imagenomic Plug-in for Photoshop Aperture 3 and Lightroom for Mac €45 buy download

Release took place: November 26, 2013
Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.7.x +
Developer: Imagenomic
Language: English
System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7.x/10.8.x/10.9.x
1GB of free RAM
100MB of free hard disk space
1280x800 screen resolution
Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11/12
Photoshop Lightroom 2/3/4/5
Aperture 3 (64 bit only)

Portraiture - irreplaceable filter that will turn your photo into a glamor shot, avoiding the laborious procedure per-pixel image retouching to remove image defects. Thanks to the technology implemented in the application of intellectual dithering, amateurs will be able to completely remove dust, without affecting the smallest detail, including the texture of the skin, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.

Noiseware - one of the best plug-ins designed to eliminate noise in digital photographs. Noiseware efficiently and quickly clean images of artifacts that often arise when shooting at high ISO and low light.

RealGrain - plug-in that helps to stylize a digital image of a classic photograph by simulating film grain, ie convert a digital image so as if it was filmed on one of the professional films.

Noiseware5Plugin5020 for Photoshop (November 26)
Realgrain2Plugin2003 for Photoshop (November 26)
Portraiture2Plugin2330 for Photoshop (November 26)
ProfessionalPluginSuite for Photoshop1308 (November 26)

Noiseware5Plugin for Aperture5014 (August 26)
RealgrainPlugin for Aperture2001 (August 26)
Portraiture Pluginfor Aperture2312 (26 vgusta)
Professional Plugin Suite for Aperture 1308

PortraiturePlugin for Lightroom2314 (6 September 2013)

Portraiture 2
Popular among professionals and beginners plugin allows selectively remove skin imperfections, while maintaining the texture and other important portrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., than significantly accelerates time-consuming process of retouching per pixel. Automatically detects the skin surface, forming avtomasku, which can be adjusted manually.
After starting the Portraiture Plug-in, plug-in automatic mode detects the skin surface in an open image, form avtomasku, which you can adjust to your taste in manual mode with the knobs, sliders. You can change the mask up until you reach your desired result, and not losing any of your actions with the image as a plugin makes pictures of each change and puts them into a story. This function allows you to return without restrictions in the past and back. Results of manipulation can be seen on a monitor directly in a user-friendly style: one and dvuhokonnom modes in real time.
Additional Information:
Imagenomic Portraiture perfectly eliminates the defects of the skin, age spots, reduces wrinkles, etc., and thus remains fully relevant details such as hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. All the smoothing parameters are governed by: you can choose the level of smoothing out the list or customize these smoothing parameters, like sharpen, blur, tone the skin, the brightness and contrast. Custom settings are stored in profiles for future use. Thus different areas retushiruemym can be applied to different variants of smoothing.
Plugin allows you to process images in batch mode.

Plug-in allows to stylize a digital image under the old classic photograph by simulating film grain, as well as regulation of tones and colors specific to different types of film. When you create an effect, you can consider the type of film, the scanning resolution and other factors that affect the appearance of the image.
RealGrain allows users to automatically adjust the level of detail (granularity) based on the physical size of the image, it dynamically generates accurate grain patterns for varying image sizes. Set of high-quality templates will allow to apply special effects and ready to stylize it under the known varieties of color and black-and-white film, to convert a digital image so as if it was filmed on one of the professional films ...
RealGrain controls for balance of detail and tone color settings provide excellent quality of the final product, simple and easy to use. Furthermore, precise RealGrain includes preset for a series of default options. You can set your own sequence of work that meets your individual requirements.

Plugin for correcting noise in digital photos. There is a multi-function preview allows to compare the results of the filter with different settings, and bracketing the main filter parameters, generating a series of thumbnails in automatic mode. User-friendly interface makes it easy to perform image processing before publishing or printing.

When comparing the 10 most extended and plug-ins and software noise reduction color images, Noiseware is no equal. And not because, for example, Neat Image or Noise Ninja, etc. worse noise rejection. But only suppresses noise Noiseware unscathed fine details. All the other good and suppress the noise and remove small image details (hair, eyelashes, etc.)

Additional Information:
Noiseware - well-known, award prizes in 2006 Editor's Choice (Editor's Choice) American Photo magazine software tool from the company Imagenomic, sets the standards for noise suppression on digital images. Noiseware leads the speed, quality and ease of use in restoring image accuracy by eliminating digital noise and unwanted artifacts that appear when shooting with high ISO and less than optimum shooting conditions.

Unlike most programs for image processing using digital noise cleaning simple methods (such as median filter), Noiseware has a complex, but at the same time fast noise filtering algorithm. Through the use of adaptive noise profiles and functions sharpening, Noiseware greatly reduces the visible noise while preserving image detail.

8 megapixel camera for 4 seconds
Outstanding Performance. Continuing the tradition of ever-increasing productivity, the new Noiseware 4 boasts speed increases by 25 percent, as well as support for dual-core processors, which allows to double the performance compared to its predecessor. Thus, users can now handle 8-megapixel files in 16-bit mode in just 4 seconds.

Workflow with fewer clicks
Intuitive and intelligent. True to his principle of ease of use, Noiseware 4 organizes complex workflow in an intuitive experience. Camera profiles are no longer needed - just click once. Proprietary algorithm IntelliProfile, with its self-learning mechanism that automatically calibrates precision noise profile and itself selects the optimal settings for each individual image. Also available is a manual method of sample areas as desired.

Color range and tonal range | frequency noise | DetailGuard
New unique features. In Noiseware added three new sets of control, adding a wide range of fine-tuning and allows excellent output quality. Now, users can adjust the levels of the detected noise, as well as the level of noise reduction, color range and tonal range. DetailGuard preserves image details based on tonality range and processing power, thus preserving image details from excessive changes.

engine IntelliProfile
IntelliProfile is a built-in expert system that supports the operation of the main engine noise suppression Noiseware. IntelliProfile uses powerful artificial intelligence methods for the analysis and identification of noise models and their efficient detection. Furthermore, IntelliProfile uses the results of its analysis and the EXIF â€â€data to create a repository of knowledge that will grow as an increasing number of processing images. Noiseware learns to improve their processing capabilities, adjusting processing variables such as noise levels based on the knowledge repository.

Download File Size:39.66 MB

Imagenomic Plug-in for Photoshop Aperture 3 and Lightroom for Mac
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