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Digital Tutors Getting Started with Modeling in Rhino €20 buy download

Digital Tutors
Adam Fairless

Throughout the following lessons you will be guided through the basic tools and interface of Rhino. We will cover simple 2D CAD including curves and basic shapes as well as how to edit and trim them in order to make simple drawings.
Lessons will progress to building 3D geometry with simple to intermediate techniques. Using a basic lamp design project we will cover all the techniques necessary to produce non-organic models for product design as well as covering Rhinos menus and editing tools.
By the end of the tutorial you should be able to create simple 2D and 3D objects using most of Rhino's modeling techniques and have a reasonable understanding of how to take on similar projects.

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Opening Rhino and covering the basic interface
3. Working with basic geometry
4. Starting a front elevation drawing
5. Finishing our 2D robot drawing
6. Creating a more accurate 2D drawing over an imported image
7. Continuing with the 2D drawing of our lamp design
8. Adding details to the 2D drawing of the lamp
9. Finalizing the 2D drawing and adding layers
10. Finishing off our layers and starting 3D
11. Exploring different methods of 3D modeling
12. Exploring an alternative method of creating the base of the lamp
13. Finishing off our alternative base and moving onto the base mount
14. Finalizing our base mount
15. Moving to the lower arm of our lamp
16. Finishing the lower arm of the lamp
17. Connecting the lower lamp arm to the base
18. Building a spring in Rhino
19. Working with blend curves and surfaces
20. Finishing off the spring and moving onto the upper arm
21. Completing the hook and moving to upper arm
22. Joining the lower and upper arm
23. Creating a bulb cover
24. Finishing the main surfaces of the bulb cover
25. Adding a joint to upper arm and building a bulb
26. Adding functional details to our lamp
27. Adding embossed text details to the upper arm
28. Establishing layers for the 3D geometry
29. Adding a power cable to finish off the lamp
30. Covering some additional intermediate techniques


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Digital Tutors Getting Started with Modeling in Rhino
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