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D16 Group Drumazon VSTi 1.0.25 €10 buy download


Drumaz-n synthesis emulates all the s-unds -f the -riginal
9-9. All the instruments are synthesized in exactly the same
way as the -riginal. All the nuances and detail -f the
-riginal are captured perfectly. In additi-n, all Drumaz-n
instruments have enhanced c-ntr-ls. This extra functi-nality
all-ws the user t- adjust the s-unds further than -n the
-riginal unit. This -pens up a wh-le new w-rld -f s-und
creati-n. Listen t- the audi- dem-s -r tweak it y-urself with
the dem- versi-n :)


Drumaz-n has a flexible -utput c-nfigurati-n. Every
instrument's audi- signal can be r-uted t- any -f the 11
-utputs. This all-ws users t- further shape s-unds
individually -r in gr-ups via their fav-urite plug-ins.

Each individual -utput can be set t- m-n- -r stere-. Every
instrument als- has a Mute and S-l- butt-n. Mute will n-t just
silence the s-und, it will st-p the s-und being triggered.
S-l- will st-p all -ther instruments fr-m being triggered and
-nly all-w the selected s-und(s) t- play.


Drumaz-n has extensive midi c-ntr-l. Midi n-tes can be used t-
trigger each individual s-und. Alternatively, the internal
sequencer can be used. This can be set t- play using
Drumaz-n's internal cl-ck -r set t- synchr-nize perfectly t-
the h-st sequencer.

M-st -f Drumaz-n's parameters can be aut-mated within the h-st
and als- c-ntr-lled using MidiCC with an external c-ntr-ller.
An easy-t--use Midi Learn functi-n all-ws reassignment -f any
-f the parameters.

Internal Sequencer

Within the internal sequencer, patterns are st-red in 8 banks.
Each bank can st-re up t- 12 patterns. Each pattern c-nsists
-f 16 steps. Each pattern l-cati-n has a midi n-te number
assigned t- it. The patterns can be edited traditi-nally using
the step butt-ns -r using the tap functi-n.

The internal sequencer has vari-us m-des -f -perati-n. In
Chain M-de, a range -f patterns are selected fr-m the internal
banks and are played thr-ugh in a circular fashi-n. Patterns
can als- be triggered freely by selecting the c-rresp-nding
midi n-te (f-r example, fr-m a midi c-ntr-ller keyb-ard).
External c-ntr-llers can be used in any m-de t- pr-vide full
c-ntr-l -ver pattern playback.

A Rand-mizer functi-n is als- pr-vided within the internal
sequencer. It can be used t- make simple changes t- a pattern
-r create a wh-le new -ne - ideal when y-ur creativity needs a
b--st! Rand-mizing can be applied t- specific instruments and
specific steps. The frequency -f -ccurrence can als- be
adjusted t- give y-u just the right am-unt.

Files are st-red in the XML f-rmat. This all-ws single
patterns -r wh-le banks t- be exchanged between users easily.
XML all-ws the files t- be edited in a text edit-r. Ideal if
y-u want t- p-st -r share a pattern -n a web site -just p-st
the text!


The settings f-r each instrument can be st-red in it's -wn
preset. Each instrument preset can be l-aded in individually.
This all-ws maximum flexibility when putting kits -f
instruments t-gether. A dedicated Preset Manager is pr-vided
t- help the user manage the s-unds within their -wn unique


Drumaz-n is available in VSTi f-rmat at the m-ment f-r b-th
platf-rms (PC and Mac).

It's a dynamic library (.dll file) f-r PC and Universal Binary
bundle f-r Mac.

T- use the pr-duct y-u need Wind-ws 2000/XP -r Mac -S X 10.4.3
-r later. It's n-t a standal-ne pr-gram s- y-u need a VST
c-mpatible h-st applicati-n t- use it.

If y-u have n-t checked it yet try the dem- first with y-ur
fav-urite h-st and envir-nment.

Full Features

* truly emulated instruments' synthesis

* perfectly scaled kn-b ranges with few m-dificati-ns
enlarging spectrum -f the s-unds

* exhanced c-ntr-l -f instruments' s-und

* dynamic signal r-uting fr-m instruments t- -utputs

* user defined plugin -utputs settings

* mutes/s-l-s f-r each instrument (affect triggerring n-t
just the signal)

* fully c-ntr-llable via MidiCC

* quick midiCC assignati-n with MidiLearn functi-n

* many ways -f c-ntr-lling the device:

- external m-de (n-te m-de)

- internal sequencer (pattern m-de) with 3 subm-des

* external m-de:

- midi map equivalent with the classic drum
machine's map

- midi tune and vel-city c-ntr-ls instruments'
levels and tunes

* internal sequencer:

- 8 banks with 12 patterns per bank

- each pattern up t- 16 steps -f length

- each pattern defined with -ne -f f-ur available

- each step can be defined n-rmal -r flamed and
accented -r n-t

- shuffle m-de

- flam m-de

- tap m-de

- chain m-de

- Shuffle, Flam and T-talAccent values defined
gl-bally and per pattern

- Scale functi-n and intelligent Rescale
(aut-matically stretches pattern t- the ch-sen

- built in Rand-mizer (selecti-n -f instruments t-
rand-m, steps t- be affected, frequency -f the
rand-mized n-tes and m-re)

- patterns imp-rt/exp-rt via human readable xml

* tw- m-des -f synchr-nizati-n:

- precise synchr-nizati-n t- the h-st temp-

- synchr-nizati-n t- internal cl-ck - temp-
c-ntr-lled in the range 30-303 BPM (+-0.1)

* individual presets per instrument with preset manager t-
easy c-ntr-l

Download File Size:7.71 MB

D16 Group Drumazon VSTi 1.0.25
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