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Digital Tutors Exploring Assembly Options and Methods in SolidWorks $15 buy download

Digital Tutors
Chris Scarlett
2h 53m

In this SolidWorks tutorial we’ll cover various assembly techniques, starting from the basics of assembly mates through more advanced assembly methods while at the same time building a wheel blade assembly.
Along the way we’ll look at the SolidWorks toolbox, explore various automation tools such as smart mates, insert mate references, use the copy with mates function and then use the smart fasteners tool. As will be demonstrated, these methods can be very productive, and big time savers, but they also can be a bit cumbersome to use in certain situations. You’ll also learn some tips along the way and be warned of traps to avoid.
Ultimately, you’ll be leaving this SolidWorks training with a good understanding on how to use these various techniques and automation methods plus when and where to apply them in order to better define and speed up the SolidWorks assembly process.

1.Introduction and project overview Watch it now
2.Discussing our project background Watch the entire course. Start a free trial »
3.Starting our blade bracket assembly
4.Inserting the sheet metal rivet
5.Adding mate references onto our parts
6.Adding sheet metal rivet holes and bolt slots
7.Finalizing our sheet metal rivet holes
8.Inserting various parts
9.Discussing the smart fasteners tool
10.Continuing to insert our bolts, washers and nuts
11.Applying assembly mates
12.Adding our square head nuts
13.Using the smart fasteners feature
14.Making modifications to our smart fastener mates
15.Creating a SolidWorks toolbox component
16.Applying the circular component pattern


Download File Size:1.1 GB

Digital Tutors Exploring Assembly Options and Methods in SolidWorks
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