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Lynda.com Photoshop CC Adjustment Layer and Blend Mode Workshop €25 buy download

Richard Harrington
2h 7m

From powerful shortcuts to precise masking, this course will help you see Photoshop CC's adjustment layers and blend modes in a whole new light. Rich Harrington leads a workshop that unlocks some of the least used options for these powerful features. Learn how to use adjustment layers and blend modes to colorize images, convert photos to black and white, add style, and fix color and tone issues—all completely nondestructively. Rich also explores your "auto" options, lookup tables, gradient maps, and Smart Objects, and shows how to limit your adjustments when you want to achieve a more subtle effect.
Topics include:
Improving color and contrast with Auto Curves and Auto Levels
Creating custom black-and-white effects
Using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to recolor artwork
Expert color grading with color lookup tables
Using gradient maps
Making nondestructive adjustments with Smart Objects and stack modes.

Introduction 4m 22s
Welcome 2m 50s
What you should know before watching this course 37s
Using the exercise files 55s
1. Adjustment Layer Essentials 20m 25s
What is an adjustment layer and when should you use one? 3m 33s
Clipping an adjustment layer to a single layer 3m 5s
Using layer masks and adjustment layers 4m 12s
Using blending modes and adjustment layers 5m 6s
Using advanced blending options 4m 29s
2. The Hidden Power of Auto Curves and Auto Levels 13m 50s
Removing color cast with Auto Curves 2m 45s
Improving contrast with Auto Curves 3m 12s
Removing color cast with Auto Levels 2m 50s
Improving contrast with Auto Levels 2m 44s
Setting a new default auto 2m 19s
3. Beyond Black and White 12m 32s
Creating custom black-and-white effects with the On Image tool 2m 51s
Creating duotones with a Black & White adjustment layer 3m 7s
Creating spot color effects with a Black & White adjustment layer 3m 23s
Creating bleached bypass effects with a Black & White adjustment layer 3m 11s
4. Hue/Saturation 12m 34s
Refining a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with the On Image tool 4m 6s
Creating duotones with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer 2m 1s
Recoloring artwork with a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer 3m 31s
When to choose Vibrancy over Hue/Saturation 2m 56s
5. Expert Color Grading with Color Lookup Tables (LUTs) 17m 8s
Using the Color Lookup adjustment layer 3m 37s
Loading new lookup-table presets 4m 8s
Creating custom lookup tables 3m 48s
Synchronizing multiple images with lookup tables 5m 35s
6. Gradient Maps 17m 54s
Creating dramatic colors with a gradient map 5m 31s
Expert-level black and white with a gradient map 4m 17s
Creating custom duotones with a gradient map 3m 31s
Recoloring an image with a Noise gradient map 4m 35s
7. Smart Objects 27m 31s
Using a Smart Object to freeze adjustment layers 5m 17s
Using filters and blend modes with Smart Objects 6m 11s
Stacking layers and using stack modes 9m 8s
Using a Smart Object as an adjustment layer 6m 55s
Conclusion 1m 10s
Final thoughts 1m 10s


Download File Size:2.39 GB

Lynda.com Photoshop CC Adjustment Layer and Blend Mode Workshop
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