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Infinite Skills Microsoft Excel Creating Dynamic Dashboards Training Video €15 buy download

Infinite Skills
Erin Olsen

In this Microsoft Excel - Creating Dynamic Dashboards training course, expert author Erin Olsen teaches you how to use Excel features and techniques to create dynamic dashboards in order to present complex data. This course is designed for users that already have a basic working knowledge of Excel.
You will start by learning how to prepare the data, then jump into building the dashboard. Throughout the course, you will be working to create a dashboard that provides a summary of a person's health information. Erin will teach you how to optimize Excel data for use in dashboards, create visual dashboard components, and add interactivity to customize them for each user. This video tutorial also covers how to create a distribution histogram, use a waffle chart to show progress, and add actions to buttons. Finally, you will learn how to generate dashboards as output, produce them as a PDF, and present them with PowerPoint or share via OneDrive.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to create your own dynamic dashboards in Excel. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

01. Course Introduction
0101 About This Series
0102 What You Will Learn
0103 About The Author
0104 How To Access Your Working Files
02. Deciding On Dashboards
0201 Deciding On Dashboards
0202 Reports, Dashboards And Scorecards
0203 Pondering The Plan
0204 Selecting Measures And Metrics
03. Preparing The Data
0301 Preparing The Data
0302 Data Modeling Basics
0303 Structuring The Workbook
0304 Connecting To Data - Part 1
0305 Connecting To Data - Part 2
0306 Simplifying Data With Named Ranges
0307 Leveraging The Efficiency Of Tables
0308 Harnessing The Power Of Pivot Tables
0309 Managing Connected Data
0310 Simplifying With Custom Number Formats
04. Building Dashboards
0401 Building Dashboards
0402 Dashboard Design Rules
0403 Managing Branding With Custom Themes
0404 Creating The Navigation Bar - Part 1
0405 Creating The Navigation Bar - Part 2
0406 Creating The Navigation Bar - Part 3
0407 What Is In A Word?
0408 Building Out Worksheets And Navigation
0409 Summarizing Data Using Groups
0410 Configuring Show Values As For Pivot Tables
0411 Assigning Categories Using Nested If
0412 Identifying Top Ten Values
0413 Finding The Last Value In A Series
05. Getting Visual
0501 Getting Visual
0502 Customizing Display With Text-Based Elements
0503 Alerting With Conditional Formatting
0504 Chart And Sparkline Review
0505 Creating Sparklines For Dashboards
0506 Creating Charts For Dashboards
0507 Using A Waffle Chart To Show Progress
0508 Using The Excel Camera
0509 Creating A Distribution Histogram
0510 Hitting The Mark With Bullet Graphs
06. Adding Interactivity
0601 Adding Interactivity
0602 Displaying The Developer Tab
0603 Understanding Interactive Dashboard Controls
0604 Adding Actions To Buttons
0605 Creating Custom Content With Combo Boxes
0606 Simplifying With Check Boxes
0607 Facilitating Filtering With Slicers And Timelines
0608 Finalizing By Color-Coding, Hiding And Protecting Worksheets
07. Generating Dashboards As Output
0701 Generating Dashboards As Output
0702 Producing Dashboards As PDF
0703 Presenting Dashboards With Powerpoint
0704 Sharing Dashboards Via OneDrive
08. Conclusion
0801 What You Now Know

Download File Size:506.42 MB

Infinite Skills Microsoft Excel Creating Dynamic Dashboards Training Video
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