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SkillShare Paul Gana Astrophotography Basics €10 buy download

Paul Gana

Ever look up at the night sky and marveled at it's magnificence? Do you love photography? Do you want to learn how to capture the stunning nighttime sky in all it's glory?
I know I do and I get out every chance I can to photograph our night skies, and from me you will learn all the steps needed to make each night shooting session successful
You will learn how to photograph the Milky Way, our home galaxy.
The first part of this course will involve the planning stages of a successful shoot. What software is necessary and camera settings that are an absolute must
The second part I will take you into the field as I am taking the photos, I will also include basic light painting techniques
The third and final part I will show you basic post processing of your photos.
I will not be holding anything back, there will be no trade secrets, everything I know and all my techniques will be taught
I will include many assignments along the way for you to try out without having to leave your home, that is until you are ready to go out into the field where the real fun begins
There is just one catch, you do need to have basic knowledge of photography, such as what an F-stop is, basic understanding of ISO, shutter speeds and compositions, plus a camera capable of shooting in bulb mode and adjustable ISO settings

35 Videos (3h 12m)
Astrophotography Intro 3:56
About the Gear: What I use 5DmkII 4:37
About the Gear: What I use Canon 50mm F1.8 2:59
About the Gear: What I use Tripod 3:04
About the Gear: What I use Canon Rebel T2i 0:55
Camera Settings 1: ISO 6:10
Camera Settings2: Aperture 3:20
Camera Settings 3: Shutter Speeds 6:46
Camera Settings 4: White Balance 5:00
Camera Settings 5: The Final Pieces 5:25
Preshoot Planning: Bortle Scale 6:09
Preshoot Planning: Dark Site Finder 7:43
Preshoot Planning: Stellarium Setup 6:56
Preshoot Planning: Stellarium Fun 9:35
Preshoot Planning: Stellarium final 7:07
In the Field: An introduction 6:26
In the Field: Waiting for it to get dark 6:31
In the Field: When the Weather Does Not Cooperate 2:50
In the Field: Dusk 4:32
In the Field: Bulb and Magic Lantern 4:34
In the Field: Final Lesson, Focusing at Night 3:39
Post Processing: A Little About RAW 3:11
Post Processing: Lightroom Basics 9:41
Post Processing: Lightroom lens correction 4:12
Post Processing: Photoshop Noise Reduction 9:15
Post Processing: Color Efex Pro 6:57
Post Processing: Milky Way Sharpening 4:15
Post Processing: Curves 5:24
Post Processing: Dodge and Burn 6:38
Post Processing: Orton Effect 7:06
Merging Two Exposures: Lightroom 5:03
Merging Two Exposures: Photoshop 8:06
Lightroom When shooting with Entry Level Camera 9:00
Light Painting Basics 5:22
The End 0:25

Download File Size:1.45 GB

SkillShare Paul Gana Astrophotography Basics
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