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Implementing the Houts Precision Profile for
calibration, characterization and optimization of
response curves. ProQuant reduces required sample
size and increases the speed and accuracy of the
analysis of both research and development testing
and in-production monitoring. Data can be input by
keyboard, formatted and free-form file import, and
by pasting from spreadsheet screens. Output data are
optimized for DOE processing and custom reports.

ProQuant Response-Curve Analysis implementing the
Houts Precision Profile an advanced technique for
Characterizing and Optimizing Response Curve Accuracy.
For any discipline measuring a curve of knowns
against sets of variable responses. Immunoassay,
Chemical, Biochemical and Biological analysis,
Instrument calibration.

* Fast - A few mouse clicks and a few seconds is all
it takes. Intelligent data import makes running an
analysis fast and easy.
* Easy -Anyone can do it. A few simple steps to
achieve fast, accurate, reliable results.
* Greater Accuracy - reduce input errors and
eliminate calculation errors caused by repetitive
* Smaller Sample Size - save time and money on
sample preparation and consumption.
* Easy adjustments to your methodology, process or
system. Use detailed appraisals to arrive at
desired outcomes with fewer iterations and greater

* Source Data Page
Enter and process your Calibration-Response data
sets. Basic statistics and quantified data values
are shown on this page. View an analysis summary
and details on additional tab pages.

* Analysis Summary Page
View summaries of the most critical analysis
results. Precision profile, accuracy, LOQ,
sensitivity, Bartletts test, and S-pooled data are
presented as well as three variations of graph

* Calibration Page
View the calibration characteristics, Y separations
from zero and Y separation intervals are displayed
on this page along with the curve-fit parameters and
the dose-response plot graph.

* Imprecision Page
View S-pooled, Bartlett's test. the calibration
profile, sensitivity and control sample points data
fit to curve are shown along with precision profile,
variance uniformity and Box-Cox plot graphs.

* Curve Data Page
View a complete table of curve data, calculated
curve fit values, the range of Barlett's P values
for the available transforms and initial and final
equation parameters.

* Report View Page
Select pre-existing or custom designed report
formats including data items of interest. Create
the report within the view area and use built-in
word-processing tools to modify, print or export.

* Options Pages - General Preferences
Set paths for data files and archives, adjust
appearance options, control analysis calculation
options, set options for Design of Experiments
output and view your user license .

* Options Pages - Reports & Graphs
Design and save report formats and select options
for plot graphs. Include data fields and graphs,
then modify the report with word-processing tools.
Print and export the resulting report document in
portable RTF format.

* Options Pages - Data Archive
Save processed analysis data and recall previous
analysis data for review and recalculation in highly
compressed format for later review. Recall and
recalculate with alternate settings. Add or delete
data to create a new analysis.

* The Houts Precision Profile - a Whitepaper
Read a scientific paper detailing the principles and
application behind the Houts Precision Profile that
is the underlying scientific methodology for the
ProQuant Immunoassay Analysis program.


Download File Size:3.51 MB

Qivx ProQuant 1.30
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