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Qivx CompRes Compressed Resource Builder 1.20 €1 buy download

CompRes is for use with the SPIS TCompress
component. It's purpose is to make simple the task
of creating a Windows(r) resource file that can
contain multiple compressed files. Resource files
are attached to your executable and can be loaded by
your application at run-time. Use the TCompress
"LoadCompressedResource" method to easily access
individual files from the resource.

If you program in Delphi or C++Builder, how can you
possibly survive without TCompress? And if you use
TCompress, you need CompRes!

TCompress is a very useful general purpose
compression program. You can use it in database
applications to compress blobs, in general purpose
software to store user data in compressed form or as
we do here at Qivx, to archive information that must
go with the application. The best way to store
program data is attached to the executable as
resource files. CompRes is a utility that makes it
easy to create TCompress resource files.

If your application uses multiple static text, data
or RTF files, one of the most effective ways of
keeping them all with your application is to
compress them into a TCompress archive. The archive
file can be distributed with the application, but
what happens if it is deleted by the user? TCompress
includes methods for loading compressed files from
standard resource files, but the process of creating
that resource file can be tedious.

This utility automates the process of creating a
TCompressed resource file which you can link to your
Delphi (or C++ Builder) executable. It can contain
multiple data, text, RTF or any other resources
which you can normally load from a stream. The files
are compressed with the SPIS TCOMPRESS component and
decompressed when requested by your application.


Download File Size:1.95 MB

Qivx CompRes Compressed Resource Builder 1.20
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