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Year: 1886-1896
Author: W.Q.Judge
Genre: Religious Studies, Philosophy, Theosophy, History, Culture
Publisher: Theosophical University Press
English language
Format: PDF

Monthly American Theosophical Journal.
In April 1886, William Kuan Judge (1851-1896), one of the three founders of the Theosophical Society, opened his journal, "The Path" ("The Way"). Although there was a shortage of funds, and there were very few authors who could give relevant materials, Judge saw the need to create an American Theosophical magazine. The lack of competent authors forced Judge himself to write a significant part of his materials under various pseudonyms, hiding in this way from the public his true contribution; Nevertheless, he signed all the decisive, program materials demanding acceptance of responsibility with his own name.
When HPBlavatskaya in 1888, after she left India, founded her magazine "Lucifer" ("Lucifer"), where she had more opportunities to freely give out knowledge than in "Theosophist", she was told , That now "The Path" can quietly cease to exist. Boiling with indignation, she immediately wrote to Juju:
"If I even thought for a moment that" Lucifer "would" wipe "" The Path ", I would never agree to be its editor, but listen, my good old friend. Since the Teachers called your" The Path "the best, Most theosophical of all theosophical publications, of course, he will not be allowed to be "erased" ... The first is the fighting, bellicose Manas, the second ["The Path"] - pure Buddhi ... "Lucifer" will be a fighter of Theosophy, and Path - a radiant light, the Peace Star ... No, sir, Path is too good, too theosophically directed, so that I interfere with him. "
In the distribution are 10 annual filings of the magazine with the index.

The Path - vol.01 - april 1886 - march 1887
The Path - vol.02 - april 1887 - march 1888
The Path - vol.03 - april 1888 - march 1889
The Path - vol.04 - april 1889 - march 1890
The Path - vol.05 - april 1890 - march 1891
The Path - vol.06 - april 1981 - march 1892
The Path - vol.07 - april 1892 - march 1893
The Path - vol.08 - april 1893 - march 1894
The Path - vol.09 - april 1894 - march 1895
The Path - vol.10 - april 1895 - march 1896

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W.Q.Judge The Path PDF eBooks
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