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H.G. Fortune Prototype X VSTi Dark Pulsating Pad Synth €5 buy download

This was a free prototype of a VSTi synth which now known as
ProtoPlasm (Although being a prototype it was already fully

Basicaly it was known to be some kind of "Dark Pulsating Pad
synth" as pads may have a noticable rhythmic element within,
but also a lot more types of sound could be done at the time.

There were several new(!) features within this one:

1. Two LFO comprising modulated, patternlike waveforms.

2. All three LFO had a waveshaping for more tweakability.

3. The three LFO provide 6 different outputs as there were
three mix-knobs for LFO 1:2, LFO 2:3, LFO 3:1 giving further
(mixed) waveforms or pattern.

4. There was a display showing the motion of the LFO-waves
which was quite handy as you could imagine the pattern and
see the "rhythms". It was like those "magic eyes" in the 50's
used in taperecorders etc.

5. Oscillator levels copuld be modulated by LFO's too which
was different as with the STS but also highly efficient.

6. Each filter had a special "Boost" button to emphasize
the current frequencies.

7. There was also a display to show the current delay
amount - similar to the LFO-display.

Although this Synthesizer looked quite simple this was only
for more convenient handling. There was really power under
the hood ;-)

What's peculiar or to be mentioned to each section?


there were 3 PCM-wave oscillators with 45 selectable waveforms
among thes wave are 12 new waves sampled from analog or VA
Synths Each oscillator output had a knob for level adjustment
and each level could be modulated by an LFO-output independantly
and with adjustable amount.


there were two filters LowPass (24dB) and HiPass (12dB) with
a boost switch to emphasize the current frequencies. Each filter
could be modulated by an envelope generator (ADSR) and one of
the 6 LFO-outputs (keep in mind most outputs can provide a pattern!)


all three LFO were temposynced by divisors (1/16 note to 8 bars)
two LFO had also modulated pattern-like waveforms while the third
LFO is a conventional one with Sine, Triangle and Saw.
All waveforms could be shaped to a wide extend except Sin and Tri
which were not really suited for that.
Beside the normal outputs there were three additional outputs for
mixed waveforms providing even more rhythmic pattern for modulation.


the levels of Direct, LP and HP outputs could be adjusted and the
mixed signal is processed by the VCA ADSR-EG. There was a panpot
for each output for an independant pan-position.

Delay & Main Out:

This was a stereo-delay with separate feedback adjustment also
for doing ping-pong echos. The delays were temposynced and each
had a feedback knob as it might have been useful to have some
more feedback when the delays were shorter - otherwise these
delays would fade a bit too early.

What was to be done:

Adjusting the waveform-set (volume, names, more samples)
GUI was to be made better although this one was already
very functional and looked quite nice. But I think Vera
wanted to put a hand on it ;-)

Download File Size:6.47 MB

H.G. Fortune Prototype X VSTi Dark Pulsating Pad Synth
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