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TEKLA STRUCTURES 2018 Multilingual x64 (1 dvd) €35 buy download

THE NEW 2018 VERSIONS of Tekla software offer faster 3D modeling process, better drawing production and control over changes. The workflow from design and analysis to detailing and fabrication is smoother. For extreme climates, Tekla Tedds and Structural Designer now support Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Eurocode annexes.

Better workflows with drawings: Drawing content manager
Quick and easy way to review, add and locate drawing content: The new Drawing content manager offers a quick and easy way to review, add and locate drawing content. It offers a clear overview on the parts in the drawing and the notes/marks associated with a part. You can easily make sure that no marks are missing for required parts. Search functionalities will find any object by, for example, name, position or profile parameter and highlight it in all the views of the drawing.

More intelligent mark placement
With the new version, you can produce better drawings faster. You can spend less time tidying up them, as mark placement and alignment automatically produces results closer to the industry standard. Routine for placing marks manually now is much more intelligent and there is less need for scrubbing, and the improved routine for aligning marks allows you to save time while making the drawings easier to read. You can annotate by adding modeled weld marks to a drawing view.

Change model from GA drawings
You can now modify model objects properties directly from GA drawings as these are, so to say, live windows to your model. This saves time when you need to, for example, change a profile.

Easier to read rebar drawings
The constructible Tekla model with rebar now generates clear, easy to read rebar drawings with much less effort than before. It is now possible to display section views of rebar with single lines but filled rebar ends, and rebars no longer overlap in drawings and are easily adjusted and correctly visible.


Download File Size:2.02 GB

TEKLA STRUCTURES 2018 Multilingual x64 (1 dvd)
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