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D16 Group Devastor VST 1.2.0 €5 buy download

Devastor is a simple but remarkable Multiband Distortion
Unit. It is an enhanced version of the distortion unit
from our synth Phoscyon. Being multiband, the sonic
mangling capabilities are endless! Devastor consists of
three blocks: dynamic-gain module, diode-clipper
distortion and three filter sections. Each of the
filters can process the signal before or after the
diode-clipper. The filters are not the peaking EQ type
which are used in classic multiband distortion. They are
like those found in analog synthesizers (low pass, high
pass, band pass and band reject)- with adjustable
resonance and cutoff. As a result, Devastor has a
completely unique sound - just check out the Factory
Presets. Versatile and advanced Devastor can be used to
distort and enhance a wide range of sounds - From
full-on acid synth sounds to guitar fuzz or analog amp
with combo speaker. It can even be used with drums to
make them sound more dirty and dynamic! Devastor isn't
just good at creating distorted monster sounds. It can
also be used subtlety to improve the timbre and character
of more gentle sounds. Reducing the preamp gain,
increasing the threshold and selecting a soft-knee for
the dynamics will bring out more warmth and detail in a
sound without introducing distortion. When designing
Devastor, we applied special antialiasing techniques to
the output signal to make sure the signal had no
aliasing (aliasing is one of the reasons why digital
distortion units sound so cold and un-musical). As a
result, Devastor has a warm, musical and very high
quality sound.

Download File Size:4.58 MB

D16 Group Devastor VST 1.2.0
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