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QPS Qimera 1.6.3 x64 €25 buy download


Qimera is an easy to use yet most powerful sonar data processing application. Built using core QPS technologies, As well as QPS QINSy projects, Qimera supports the major raw sonar file formats and by working with the Dynamic Workflow™ it revolutionises the way data is handled and the operator experience when processing hydrographic data.

How? Qimera intelligently and interactively guides the operator through the data processing stages, simplifying what traditionally has been a convoluted process. Utilising the latest computing technologies, the unique IO Balanced Multi-Core engine in Qimera is specifically designed to process sonar data as rapidly as possible. Qimera also contains a number of advanced tools including Sound Velocity Profiling (refraction), Calibration (Patch Test), and a Wobble Test (for troubleshooting common sensor installation/integration issues).

Qimera supervises a less experienced user through the stages of bathymetry processing by intelligently prompting the next necessary action(s). The Dynamic Workflow™ uniquely remembers what actions and settings have been applied to the project data, and so is able to highlight files that need further processing actions in order to complete the workflow.

Remember, Qimera is a completely new product! Qimera is first and foremost a software platform designed to be offered stand-alone, or that can also be part of a QPS suite of tools. Qimera has the flexibility to penetrate into many markets with a variety of workflows, and Qimera is feature rich, fast, accurate and easy to use resulting in a good value proposition. Furthermore, Qimera is built to be localized for regional (local language) flexibility and User experience. Yes, Qimera does leverage some existing QPS technology, but importantly it has been built from the ground up.

Qimera 1.6 includes these highlights!
New add-on: Electronic Nautical Chart creation and editing
We have re-used the underlying technology in Qarto and Qomposer to bring light creation and editing of ENC objects to Qimera. Qimera now allows you to create ENC objects directly from soundings or from a Dynamic Surface. You can also import an ENC and edit attributes of the features in the ENC.

New add-on: Sound Speed correction filter
QPS has worked together with the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), The Netherlands to implement their sound speed inversion algorithm in Qimera. The TU Delft algorithm allows for a completely automated refraction residual error correction. This is a new sound speed inversion tool that allows users to recover from refraction artifacts that occur in challenging oceanographic environments, or from not measuring enough sound speed profiles.

The simplest but also the most advanced multibeam bathymetry processing software
Full sonar processing data in the following formats: QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL, RESON/Norbit S7K, Hypack HSX, GSF, Edgetech JSF, ELAC XSE
Bathymetry processing for all survey platforms: Vessel, ROV, AUV, USV
Point Cloud cleaning for data in the following formats: LAS, QINSy QPD/QTM, Caris HDCS, Hypack HS2 & HS2X, GSF, ASCII, FAU, PDS, FBT, HTF, Neptune *.depth, Atlas SURF
Guided workflows with minimal user input to reduce human error and training requirement
64-bit multi-platform compliant – works with Windows, MacOS, Linux
Qimera Live - Near real-time data processing – just a button not a separate package
Qimera Midwater – Fast, accurate Water Column processing for wrecks and other hard targets in the following formats
QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL, RESON/Norbit S7K – (an Add-on to Qimera and Qimera Pro)
FMGT for backscatter processing (an Add-on to all Qimera versions)
Easy to use multibeam calibration (Patch Test) tool.
Problem data solving using the unique Wobble Tool.
Post processed navigation/inertial data support
Automated data cleaning routines: Spline filter, CUBE filter, Blocking filters

- Qimera is easy to use and offers a guided workflow.
- Supports QPS and 3rd party raw sonar data formats.
- Offers 2D/3D/4D interactive processing.
- Supports projects with Multi-day, Multi-Vessel, Multi-MBES.
- Is 64-Bit and fully leverages modern computing technology with it's I/O Balanced Multi-Core engine.


Download File Size:311.16 MB

QPS Qimera 1.6.3 x64
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