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CIMCO Software 8.05.00 | 498.4 mb
CIMCO A/S is pleased to announce the availability of CIMCO Software 8.05.00. Version 8 is a major release that delivers powerful new features, faster performance and a streamlined user experience across the entire line of CIMCO Software products.

CIMCO Software 8.05.00 Preview - Released: 27-11-18 Changes in CIMCO Software 8.05.00
- It is now possible to override the location where CIMCO's products save the information on licensing.
- Fixed some dll loading issues when running the program on an UNC share.
- Fixed an issue running services as an existing user with no entry on the AD Controller.
Changes in CIMCO Edit 8.05.00
- Can now show statistics and simulation correctly when path or file contains special characters.
- Added option to backup and restore settings.
- Added new backplot filter: Röders New
- When choosing 'replace all in selection' no longer ignores the last row of selected text.
- HAAS Turning is now correcly simulated as turning by default.
- Added command line switch '/multichannel' to open file(s) in multi channel view mode.
- It is now possible to bookmark all of the found strings at once in the Search function.
- 'Clear All' button added to the Bookmarks window.
- It is now possible to perform a multi-file text replacement from 'Replace' window.
- Now highlights the entire line rather than only up to windowwidth.
- It is now possible to use regular expressions in the Replace dialog.
- Names should no longer be truncated in DNCMaxAdmin CIMCO Edit dock
- Fixed a bug where the Find dialog did not find all of the matching substrings within a line when using search by regular expressions.
- Improvements to printing of Mazak Smooth turning.
- Fixed a number of small errors in printing Mazak files.
Changes in CIMCO CNC-Calc (Add-On for CIMCO Edit) 8.05.00
- In pocket milling 'Use even Depth Cuts' now work correctly when it is deselected.
- In the menu 'Circle Tangent Through Point' now become grayed out when selected.
- New Post Processor where it is possible to change the axis names in the global definition.
Changes in CIMCO DNC-Max 8.05.00
- FOCAS Protocol: File transfers to data server will no longer fail if internal storage has insufficient free space.
- DNCMaxCtrl now takes another parameter, '-f ', which lets you specify the sub-directory to send files to.
- Fixed the Protocol config dialog from throwing an error when creating a Mazak protocol port
- Removed additional 'tmp' folder in Netwok monitor protocol when an error report file is generated and Mapping sub-directories is enabled.
- Fixed an issue where auto-import could hang.
- Fixed an issue in monitoring network shares with read-only permissions.
Changes in CIMCO MDC-Max 8.05.00
- Updated MDC subsystem.
- Added option to enable/disable archiving feature - all data will remain in the monitorlog but central cache and rebuild process are still active.
- Updated ExternIO.
- Added mapping of operator Real Names from ncbase on a user serial number or a user comment.
- Added a new button function on operator screens when values from all selected input fields are sent by once in a single message in MSGVAR2 separated by a comma.
- Implemented an option when reports can be calculated by an external process CreateTable.exe to eliminate high memory usage of the MDC client with support for parallel run of multiple reports in the same time Tables&Charts configuration file [GENERAL] -> REPORTENGINE = INPROCESS | INTHREAD.
- Fixed issue in MDC evaluator when condition was longer then 1000 characters and contained a constant value.
- Added option to process job information in background even if a job information is not displayed in reports.
- Added option to open PDF/HTML/Excel report as file location/in MDC client/open file in default application.
- Generated reports do not block UI anymore.
- Added option to ignore breaks and schedule for each individual report.
- Fixed incorrect counter value in reports when 'Set' condition is used.
- Added 'Rolling Timeline' report.
- Added option Process JOB/PROGRAM/OPERATOR information in background when a report is being generated.
- Added option to Suspend Timers and/or Counters during breaks for each individual built-in OEE in reports.
- Fixed incorrectly calculated report when an another then default schedule was used.
- Added new Timer expression TIMERTOTAL. This evaluates to the total run time of the timer since system start. This value is never cleared or reset.
- Updated MDCMax\Sys\Update.ini
- Renamed button caption Cancel Close -> Cancel.
- Fixed a grayed out button Save All.
- Fixes broken icons in menu bar
- Fixes being unable to save the text-CFG files
- Web Client: Fixed'Claiming License' state when using License Server.
- TEXTVARS are now evaluated when generating reports from the MDC-Max client.
- Added full HTTP header into HAAS MNET request.
- Added 'Active Average' behavior to dashboard widgets. This only averages non-zero values.
Changes in CIMCO NC-Base (Add-On for CIMCO Edit) 8.05.00
- Implemented option select a manually received file from a drop down list in case that multiple file extensions are defined for a new program in the NC-Base setup.
- It is now possible to print files and documents from the NC-Base view, without needing to open the file.
- MariaDB instance can now be hosted on non-standard MySQL port.
Changes in CIMCO Software Manager 8.05.00
- Fixed a crash when installing keyfiles.
- Removed some non-translated languages.
- The interface of Software Manager now includes overview of License Server usage.
About CIMCO Software. CIMCO provides popular software solutions for computer integrated manufacturing. CIMCO programmes are integral to efficiency on the shop floor, providing not only great tools to get the job done, but also a powerful and integrated platform for editing, designing, visualising, managing and communicating CNC programmes and related content.

CIMCO Product Line

- CIMCO Edit 8
CIMCO Edit is very easy to appreciate by both the novice or seasoned CNC Programmer alike. Version 8 has brought great new interface and features including an ftp client, advanced search functions in the open file dialogue as well as improvements to the backplotter including new filters.
CIMCO DNC Max is a proven communications system capable of handling diverse machine configurations. DNC-Max is easily managed and operated via a Web Browser, Client, Tablet or Smart Phone.
CIMCO MDC-Max brings a real-time machine data collection with instant reports, graphs and live views. Android and Web clients are available to extend capabilities beyond the PC environment.
- NC-Base 8
CIMCO NC-Base provides a flexible and effective CNC program management tool that greatly extends the capabilities of DNC-Max and CIMCO Editor. NC-Base client is accessible as a tab within CIMCO Edit.
- CIMCO CNC-Calc 8
CIMCO CNC-Calc provides you with a simple CAD/CAM inside CIMCO Editor. Allowing complex 2D geometry to be addressed further down the production line. Includes a generic API for development and modify Post Processors.
- CIMCO Software Manager
CIMCO Software Manager will be included in the upcoming CIMCO Version 8 release in early 2016. This IT friendly product will encapsulate the License Server and has planned future features, including centralized update pushing through Microsoft Active Directory

About CIMCO Americas, LLC. Founded in 1991, CIMCO A/S has sold more than 100,000 software licenses through experience and customer service all over the world. Cimco known for their Reliable DNC software, Cimco also has the world’s best G Code editor available on the market. So even if you are happy with your current DNC and CAM solution the Cimco Editor will compliment anyone’s day to day needs.

Product: CIMCO Software
Version: 8.05.00 Preview
Supported Architectures: x86
Website Home Page : www.cimco.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista or newer / Server 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2) and 2106 are supported
Size: 498.4 mb

Note: CIMCO software releases are made available in two versions: Preview and Stable.

- Preview releases contain the latest features and bugfixes as they are made publicly available. Changes made to the Preview releases are not guaranteed to be feature stable.
- Stable releases are feature stable and recommended for use in production environments. We primarily recommend using the Stable version.

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CIMCO Software 8.05.00
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