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GForce Software Minimonsta 1.11 for Mac €20 buy download

Simply put, if you want a straightforward copy of a Minimoog, with little to chew on
besides the obvious, you might be better off looking elsewhere. However, if you want
a Minimoog on steroids and with plenty of attitude the Minimonsta:Melohman is the
emulation for you. Because, whereas until now the numerous Minimoog clones have simply
attempted to copy the original instrument and add the odd one or two features such as
polyphony and another LFO, the Minimonsta takes a radically different look at this
vintage masterpiece.

The original instrument was manufactured between 1971 and 1982 and was an instant
classic thanks to it's musician friendly logical layout, tactile front panel, warm
oscillators and powerful 24dB lowpass filter. In its time 13,000 were sold but in
keeping with many other classic instruments, if you want one now, be prepared to pay

The Minimonsta is a highly detailed and accurate emulation of this original instrument
which operates on two levels.

Firstly, on the Mini level you have all the features and sounds of the Minimoog
including accurate waveforms, a painstakingly accurate resonant filter, snappy ADS
envelope generators and the wonderful Mini loop-feedback function. Using just these
parameters, the Minimonsta has a huge tonal range from fat to fierce and from searing
to sharp sizzles.

However, there is also another dark side to the beast, and it's here's where you can
unleash a full-on Monsta.

Instead of being shackled to a single LFO as per the original instrument, it's possible
to assign an LFO to almost any original Mini parameter including filter cutoff, resonance,
individual oscillator volumes, even each envelope parameter. What's more, each LFO has
several shapes, sync, and delay.

Additionally, for every parameter to which you can apply an LFO, it's also possible to
apply an extra ADSR too.

Then there's the ability to assign MIDI modulation to any original Mini parameter an
create effects such as dynamic glide times or velocity response to filter (both positive
and negative). Put simply, the scope for sound design and sonic creativity is limitless.

And as if that's not enough, you can dynamically morph between twelve patches within a
Meta-Patch thanks to the unique Melohman octave. This takes a static software instrument
and adds serious performance and dynamic real-time control - a boon to those real players
out there.

There are many Mini clones out there, but there is only one true Monsta!

Download File Size:27.08 MB

GForce Software Minimonsta 1.11 for Mac
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