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The Allon Dossier

Full Name: Gabriel Allon
Height: Medium
Weight: Medium
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black with gray temples
Place of Birth: Jezreel Valley, Israel
Date of Birth: Unknown
Higher Education: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
Known Residences: Cornwall, Venice, Jerusalem
Current Residence: Thought to be living in Italy under Vatican protection
Employer: Office of Intelligence and Special Tasks, Israel
Status: Semi-retired
Area of Expertise: Intelligence collection, special investigations, kidnap and capture,
interrogation, assassination
First Known Op: Wrath of God, 1972-1975; personally liquidated six terrorists responsible
for Munich Olympics massacre
Weapon of Choice: Beretta
Known Aliases: Mario Delvecchio, Alessio Vianelli, Heinrich Kiever, Johannes Klemp, Natan
Golani, Ehud Landau, Gideon Argov
Cover: Art Restorer
Area of Expertise: Italian Old Master
Favorite Painters: Titian, Bellini, Caravaggio
Favorite Opera: La Boheme
Languages: English, Hebrew, German, Italian, French
Last Known Op: The Kharkov Affair, Moscow
Known Associates: Ari Shamron, former chief of Israeli intelligence
Uzi Navot, chief of Israeli Special Ops
Eli Lavon, Office surveillance specialist
Chiara Zolli, Office field operative
Mikhail Abramov, Office assassin and field operative
Yossi Gavish, Office analyst and field operative
Dina Sarid, Office terrorism analyst and field operative
Yaakov Rossman, Shin Bet officer on loan to the Office
Rimona Stern, AMAN analyst on loan to the Office
Julian Isherwood, London art dealer
Francesco Tiepolo, prominent Venetian restorer
Adrian Carter, deputy director for operations, CIA
Sarah Bancroft, Counterterrorism Center operative, CIA
Graham Seymour, deputy director, MI5
Monsignor Luigi Donati, papal private secretary
Pietro Lucchesi, His Holiness Pope Paul VII

Parents deceased; first wife seriously wounded in 1991 bombing in Vienna; only son killed in
same attack; rumored to have recently wed Office field operative Chiara Zolli


A Death in Vienna (126)
Moscow Rules (130)
Prince of Fire (127)
The Confessor (125)
The Defector (131)
The English Assassin (124)
The Kill Artist (123)
The Messenger (128)
The Rembrandt Affair (132)
The Secret Servant (129)

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10 Gabriel Allon Complete ePub eBooks
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