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SPSS SigmaStat 3.0 €30 buy download

SigmaStat's "expert system" design intelligently guides you through your entire statistical analysis to reduce the risk of making statistical mistakes and help you draw the right conclusions. Automatically find the right test with the Advisor Wizard, check if your data fit the underlying assumptions of your statistical model, effortlessly handle messy data and print a report complete with an explanation of the results. No other software program is as easy to use and as "smart" as SigmaStat.

Get the statistical functions you need to understand your experimental data, with the most frequently used statistical procedures found in clinical and laboratory research. SigmaStat was designed by scientists who understand the concerns of researchers. You don't have to be a statistician to get accurate results you can trust. Run t-tests, ANOVAs, nonparametric statistics, correlations, regressions, z-tests, Chi-square, post hoc tests, power and sample size and more. Perform one-way, two-way or three-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with post hoc tests and one- and two-way repeated measures ANOVA. If a significant difference is found between groups, SigmaStat automatically selects the appropriate multiple comparison tests and runs the test you choose. While no statistical program is fool proof, SigmaStat is designed to make your statistical analysis as hassle free as possible.

SigmaStat gives you a wide selection of graphs for every stage of your project: exploration, research and presentation. The new graph editor allows you to customize your graphs for presentation-quality results - add text, change axis scales, vary the symbol type and experiment with fill and line color.

Investigate distributions, examine the relationship between variables or display descriptive statistics with SigmaStat's exploratory graphs. Conducting a comprehensive analysis of your data is simple with SigmaStat - you get a complete range of presentation and publication test graphs, test hypotheses and distribution assumptions, and you can draw meaningful conclusions with just a few mouse clicks.

Team up these powerful programs for an integrated scientific software solution. Increase productivity by sharing worksheets using SigmaLinking technology and organizing files in the SigmaStat Notebook. Both programs use the same menus and commands, so you don't have to learn two different products. With Windows 95 and Office 95 compatibility, you get consistency across applications.

Customers praise SigmaStat for its ease of use - it's remarkably easy to learn and use, right out of the box. They have designed SigmaStat to be Microsoft Office and Windows 95 Compatible with lots of exciting new features: increased speed and stability with 32-bit performance, multi-tasking and full support for Microsoft's new intuitive interface.

Master statistics with the new interactive, multimedia CD-ROM program, Statistics CrashCourse . Voice narration, videos, animation and interactive experiments make statistics come alive. Demonstrations of SigmaStat are used to solve real-world problems.

A great companion book to SigmaStat is the "Primer of Biostatistics". Reviewers have called this one of the best and clearest guides ever published for understanding basic statistics. Concepts on testing groups for significant differences, understanding confidence intervals, handling rates and proportions, and more are clearly explained.

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SPSS SigmaStat 3.0
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