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ArchiCAD 10 International (1 cd) €45 buy download

Welcome to Archicad 10!

Graphisoft's Archicad 10 delivers new and enriched capabilities
designed to help architects develop their concepts, compete for
business more effectively and boost business efficiency. The
enhancements reinforce Archicad as an exceptionally powerful
design tool for architectural practices, large and small, worldwide.

Modeling freedom

The unprecedented improvement of modeling capabilities enables
Archicad users to express their creativity with an extraordinary
level of artistic freedom.

* Slanted elements - All walls, beams and columns can be set to
any desired angle, giving you greater modeling freedom
* Cross-section profiles - Custom cross-section profiles for
columns, beams and walls, can broaden your design possibilities
* Priority-based walls intersection - With priority value
assigned to each component, you can control how composite walls
intersect and automatically get correct plan drawings
* Reshaping elements in any View - Basic editing commands are
now available in all views, so you can reshape even complex elements
in the appropriate view

The great benefit of Archicad 10's modeling freedom is speed, fewer
errors and an easy approach to making design alterations.

Integrated workflow

The entire design-to-documentation workflow is now integrated within
Archicad. This simplified process, together with other major
enhancements, will result in a hugely faster stream between the
model and the drawings

* Integrated layouting - PlotMaker layouting functions are now
available in Archicad. New features further enhance the
documentation process.
* Extended drag & drop - Move navigator items, create views and
place them on layouts, create publisher and merge layouts . simply
by drag & drop
* Smart drawing management - Drawing Manager monitors all
drawings within a project. A new checking mechanism speeds up the
update process significantly
* Parametric drawing titles - Parametric titles are adjusted
automatically to associated drawings - indicating specific data.
This makes editing much more flexible

Archicad 10 eliminates the unnecessary steps needed to export and
import a project simply to create the layouting. The streamlined
process results in a hugely faster update between the model and the


Archicad 10's new interaction methods make the program accessible
for everyone. All relevant data, graphical or numeric, is always at
hand, guiding users when needed, and continuously offering valuable

* Pre-selection feedback - With this new feature, you'll know
what will be selected in advance, and will receive immediate
feedback about that element
* Intelligent guide-lines - "Typical" guide-lines will appear
when you pause the mouse over an element, "guessing" your intentions
in advance
* In-place numeric input - Numeric input will be at hand with
every graphical operation. The tracker follows the cursor providing
up-to-date information
* Gradient fills - Linear & radial gradient fills will help you
achieve a higher level of graphic quality and create better
representations of your design

In Archicad 10, we've put great value on immediate, easy usage and a
very smooth learning curve. New users can immediately start working
and have fun while modeling.

Download File Size:395.56 MB

ArchiCAD 10 International (1 cd)
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