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Aetuts+ is a site made to house and showcase some of the best After Effects tutorials around. We publish tutorials that not only produce great effects, but explain them in a friendly, approachable manner. We also stock up links to tutorials, articles, presets and plugins from around the web to help you get the most out of After Effects.

17. Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle - Day 1
In this tutorial Naim Alwan ventures outside of After Effects for a little bit of 3D Matchmoving to create this stunning Urban Jungle effect where vector graphics are perfectly tracked to some city footage. In day 1 you will learn how to do a track using Boujou (although any matchmoving software will work for this) and then import and apply that information in After Effects successfully.
In this two part tutorial you will learn the workflow for seamlessly integrating live action footage with motion graphics elements.
The first day we are going to be spending a little time familiarizing ourselves with the camera tracking process using Boujou, and the settings we need to get right in order to export an AE camera track.
We will then use the information contained on the nulls to setup the scene. Once the track is imported in AE and scene setup we will shift our focus to Illustrator where we will cover the layer setup we need in order to import an Illustrator file into AE.
18. Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle - Day 2
In day 2, Naim show us how to setup the vector graphics in Illustrator then track the man on the phone in Mocha AE. Finally, to wrap things up we jump back into After Effects to finalize the composite.
Naim explains: Today we will continue animating the floral elements, and position the elements into the 3D scene. We will use the camera data to achieve easy track mattes, only needing a small amount of keyframes. We will spend some time focusing on a roto workflow, learning the do's and don'ts of all things roto, the roto application of choice will be Mocha (it's free with CS4). Finally the mattes will be applied to specific layer concluding in a beautiful live action/motion graphics scene.
19. How to Track Live Video to a Postcard
In this tutorial we continue exploring how to create some high-end techniques easily by using scripts to facilitate our workflow. Mathias Mohl teaches us how to track moving video to a postcard that was shot handheld with help from some scripts that he authored and are feely available. He also shows how to recover highlights from the tracked footage and apply them back over the moving video for a very convincing effect.
20. Cinematic Opening Title Redux - Day 1
In this 2 part tutorial we revisit the Cinematic Opening concept with an homage to all of you, our readers, by enshrining all of the comments left on the site in a "ready for Hollywood" delivery. It features a clever use of freely available scripts and expressions to create what would normally be a very complicated and time-consuming animation. The tutorial will be split into 2 days with a total of over 80 minutes of training.
In day 1 we cover cunning techniques to harness a large amount of text and quickly formats and animates it in a cinematic style. This tutorial has tricks and techniques that should appeal to all users from beginners all the way to the most seasoned and advanced users of After Effects.And best of all, it is all created by only using built it After Effects tools!
21. Cinematic Opening Title Redux - Day 2
In day 2 Lloyd finishes the tutorial and shows how to use scripts to split up and animate a logo into hundreds of pieces. He also adds the finishing touches including an alternate ending not shown in the preview. Even though scripts might be perceived as advanced tools, this tutorial aims to shatter this myth and guarantees you will feel comfortable using scripts to help automate and improve the speed your work.
22. Quick Effect: Create a Mac OS X Leopard-style Aura Effect
In this tutorial you learn how to create an aura effect which can used as a background for a dramatic title, similar in style to the default desktop background shipped with Mac OS X Leopard. This is a simple effect with an attractive end result that will be of use to all users of After Effects.
23. Create a Futuristic Floating Hologram Effect
This tutorial will show you how to make a futuristic floating hologram over a cellphone. The techniques included here will help you understand how to track one object to another. The final result is something that may make your indie science-fiction film look better or it may just inspire you to create something new.
24. Create an Animated Homage to Bruce Lee - Day 1
In this tutorial Markus walks us through the creation of a video accompaniment to Bruce Lee's 'Be Water' philosophy. It features vibrant motion typographic sub-titles, animated illustrations and clever camera techniques. The training will be split over 3 days for a total of 71 minutes of tutorial video.In day 1 of the training Markus designs and animates the typography for the video. This tutorial is an excellent compliment to Markus's 'Create Rhythmic Motion Typography' tutorial and demonstrates some more advanced typographic techniques.
25. Create an Animated Homage to Bruce Lee - Day 2
In day 2 of the training Markus demonstrates how to animate realistic water physics moving between a cup and a bottle. You'll learn how to create pouring water animations and realistic impact ripples.These clever animations will be combined with the typographic ground-work we laid out in day 1 of the training. The complete video will begin to take shape.
26. Create an Animated Homage to Bruce Lee - Day 3
In day 3 of the training Markus demonstrates how to construct an interconnected After Effects scene from many different animations. You'll then learn how to track a moving camera to the scene.This is the final video in the "Be Water" tutorial series, and should leave you with all the techniques needed to create a similar style of typographic and animated video.
27. Design a Breathtaking Body Shatter Effect
In this tutorial we learn how to create a body shattering effect similar to the one at the end of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" video. For this tutorial we'll be applying the effect to a still image, but it can also be used to great effect on green screen footage.
28. Design Rhythmic Motion Typography in After Effects
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create animated typography synchronized with musical events (lyrics). You'll learn how to fit your typography to a rhythm, add dynamic animations and use the camera and motion blur to create a high-end final effect. This tutorial showcases a technique that is highly sought after in motion graphics today.
29. How to Create Explosive Flower Fireworks
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a unique twist on the traditional fireworks display.
The tutorial shows you how to create fireworks with Trapcode Particular, and how to reflect this effect over water.
30. How to Create Glowing Elegant Lines
In this tutorial you'll be creating elegant glowing lines using shape layers within After Effects.
We'll create a few basic arc layers and then stylize them by using the find edges effect, glows, and blending modes. I enjoy this technique and you can easily adapt this concept to many different shapes to create some stunning looks.
31. How to Create a Cinematic Opening Title
In this tutorial you learn how to create a cinematic opening title using Trapcode Form similar to those used in movie trailers and openings.

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AETutsplus.com Video Tutorials for Adobe After Effects Vol.2
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