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Bobby Owsinski

Learn how to set up and tweak the sound of your music studio. From basements and garages to standalone buildings, all music studios can benefit from the techniques shown in this course. Music engineer and industry insider Bobby Owsinski strips away the mystery behind a great-sounding space and introduces some acoustic principles and hands-on techniques for getting the best sound from your studio for the least cost and effort. Learn isolation techniques and acoustic control methods, plus practical, step-by-step instructions for building your own acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers. Bobby also shows you how to determine the best listening position in your room and create a reflection-free zoneā€”the key to getting great audio.
Topics include:
- Design ideas for your studio setup
- Understanding what soundproofing materials don't work
- Increasing isolation in your space
- Timing a room's reverb
- Purchasing acoustic materials: what and where
- Making your own soundproofing elements
- Do-it-yourself acoustic panel construction
- Creating a reflection-free zone (RFZ)
- Buying pre-made acoustic treatments

0. Introduction 1m 26s
Welcome 1m 26s
1. Studio Design Ideas 7m 54s
A typical musician's needs 4m 16s
Personal studio parameters 3m 38s
2. Soundproofing Basics 14m 43s
What won't work 3m 44s
The two basic isolation principles 4m 6s
Increasing your isolation by adding mass 4m 42s
Increasing your isolation by decreasing leakage 2m 11s
3. Acoustic Control Methods 17m 19s
Room dimensions, standing waves, and modes 6m 40s
The curse of low ceilings 1m 7s
The room's reverb time 1m 43s
A look at absorption 2m 22s
The reflection-free zone 58s
The idea behind acoustic panels 57s
Bass trap overview 2m 34s
Diffuser overview 58s
4. Constructing the Components 15m 13s
Purchasing general building supplies 2m 6s
Purchasing acoustic materials 3m 22s
Making your own acoustic panels 6m 28s
Making your own bass traps 2m 5s
Making your own diffusers 1m 12s
5. Building a Personal-Use Studio 17m 59s
Determining your listening position 1m 29s
Creating the reflection-free zone 1m 3s
Treating the floor and ceiling 2m 45s
Acoustic panel placement 57s
Installing the acoustic panels 1m 13s
Treating the corners 1m 50s
Treating the windows 1m 5s
Treating the doors 2m 22s
Treating the front and rear walls 2m 52s
A simple HVAC solution 2m 23s
6. Premade Acoustic Components 4m 41s
Buying premade acoustic treatment 2m 18s
Buying a premade vocal booth 2m 23s
7. Conclusion 1m 29s
Goodbye 1m 29s


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Lynda.com Music Studio Setup and Acoustics
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