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Delcam FeatureCam 2014 R2 SP1 x64 €35 buy download


Delcam launches the 2014 release of FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software. The release includes a number of new options for turning, four-axis rotary machining and turn-mill operations. Other enhancements in this release include more strategies for two-axis finishing and easier programming of probing sequences.

FeatureCAM was the world’s first feature-based programming software when it was launched in 1995. Constant development since then has ensured that the system has retained its leadership in programming speed and ease of use, while an increased range of strategies has been added to provide more efficient toolpaths giving greater productivity on a wider range of machines.

The first improvement to turning in FeatureCAM 2014 gives the ability to add fillets to any sharp corners, for example, for automatic deburring, without having to edit the geometry. The user simply has to specify the radius to be applied and all the sharp corners will be filleted automatically. Similar functionality for automated chamfering of corners has been available in FeatureCAM for several years.

Turning simulation has been made more realistic with the ability to program and simulate the movements of the steady-rest that can be used to position large parts during turning and the tailstock that can be used to hold long parts on centre during machining. Collision detection against both these types of accessory is undertaken automatically during both cutting and transfer operations.

Programming of both turn-mill and four-axis equipment has been made much easier with the ability to change the index axis part-way through programming. Previously, all aspects of the part, including features, geometry and curves, would have to be moved if a change in the index axis was required. Now, this can be achieved simply by creating a new user coordinate system and using that as the new index axis.

An improvement to the FeatureCAM interface will make it easier to use a curve to define start points and plunge points for both turning and milling. Users can now pick these curves by clicking on them, instead of having to type the name of the curve.

The ability to incorporate probing routines into machining programs was added in FeatureCAM 2013 to make it easier to undertake unsupervised production operations by allowing automated checks to be carried out before, during and after machining. Programming of these operations has been made easier and quicker with the new ability to incorporate decision-making with built-in options in the software, instead of having to hand-write toolpath edit commands. For example, it is now easier to include a re-machining command if the probing results show that more material needs to be removed from the part.

Finally, a number of extra strategies and options have been added for two-axis finishing. These include the ability to use larger stepovers with automatic machining of any upstands that may be left, continuous spiral machining either from outside to inside or inside to outside, support for stock models created from roughing toolpaths, and automatic avoidance of clamps.

What's fixed in version
Addin: The setupsheet dll always generates a setup sheet in English even if we are running a localized version of the dll.
TPEDIT: 3-axis milling: Horizontal+Vertical: Toolpath feature creates gouging indexing moves.
Install: we are still including setupsheet and probing dlls in 32bit release of FC
Turn: face: TNR: canned cycle X clearance shouldn't be displayed or should be greyed out.
Turn: TNR: canned cycle Z clearance shouldn't be displayed or should be greyed out.
Machine sim: Update default machine design model references to generic versions
User interface:Add or Remove already existing right click options on the op.list
Import: Import Wizard: "Select Index Center of Rotation" dialog needs to have the X location field not dimmed out when 5 Axis has been chosen on the "Is Part Indexed" dialog.
API: for VERICUT and other 3rd party simulators, ability to export tool holders.
Turn/Mill: should cancel polar coordinate interpolation when moving between cuts (by a rapid) for quicker cutting times.
Turn: face feature rough operation should *not* inherit the TNR setting from the default attributes, and that TNR should always be off.
Wire EDM: Need new "no core" algorithm for pockets with and without a island (hole)
build: build log files should be reorganized
Need more space in FeatureCAM Options dialog
5-axis simultaneous: smoothing distance makes no difference with 5-axis swarf
Turn: the feed override for "feed from start point" is always in IPM/MMPM but the label changes to IPR/MMPR incorrectly for "use IPR".
(Returned) FC-PMP: 'Cutter Compensation Mode' variable is unable to output 'OFF' code when toolpath uses 'Cutter Compensation Code' i.e. 'LEFT or RIGHT'.
2-axis drilling: Counter bore spot drill: Depth for chamfer is wrong when a countersink tool is used
Wire EDM: desire generate single program with program stop for DFS.
Xbuild: unchecking disable macros, doesn't output each dia. offset.
Turn: TNR compensation codes G41/G42 are reversed on back face operation.
Build: don't build MF every night since it takes a long time.
GPF: turn feature hangs with toolpath calculation
API: oper.Attribute(eAID_MillStepover) returns infinity until we set the value manually (through UI or API) and then try to get it.
User interface: more dialog space needed.
RETURNED User interface: Russian localization: Need more space for string "Compute from tool data".
RETURNED User interface: Russian localization: Need more space for string "Compute from tool data".
Translation: Add "Left hand" and "Right hand" to index file so that multiple entries get created in the PO file.
User interface: Plunge tab doesn't appear all the time for pocket pre-drill
User interface: Side-feature pre-drilling strategy plunge position doesnТДt work
API: Need a function that'll return coordinates (position and orientation) of one UCS in the world of the other UCS.
tools: end mill: Difficult to make a tapered end mills with a ball-end
Addin: Request for pocket_udf macro to be integrated into feature recognition or other automated mechanism.
5-axis positioning: Changing order of operations changes depths of drilled holes.
API: macros BulkEdit: some edit operations have not prevention from accidentally entered values with decimal point instead of comma.
Program that would enter release version #s to webstr automatically
5-axis positioning: Index X coordinate and friends not being honored by centerline nor 3d simulation.
addin: reflect/mirror: create an API macro to reflect a part.
API: Need a function that'll return us post type.
FMK: FMK, not FCMK please
Translation: Cannot create a wire rapid feature in Spanish version. We get an error message that an improper argument was found.
Installation: allow dealers to set ini file defaults.
install: install delcam exchange (psx) during normal featurecam installation
2-axis milling: Surface milling features are not transformed if they created using faces of solid.
Wire EDM: desire generate single program with program stop for FeatureCAM.
Turn: Xbuild: Sign on output is incorrect on sub spindle operation.
5-axis simultaneous: Reserved words and return uninitialized value in Segment Start format

About Delcam plc

Delcam is a world-leading developer and supplier of advanced CADCAM software, with more than 35,000 customers in over 80 countries. These clients vary from global names like Nike, Boeing and Mattel to small start-ups and individual craftsmen. Founded 30 years ago, we are the largest developer of product development software in the UK, with subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia. Our global success has been recognised with many awards, including three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the last six years.

Name: Delcam FeatureCam
Version: 2013 R2 SP1 (version
Home: www.featurecam.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8

Download File Size:853.23 MB

Delcam FeatureCam 2014 R2 SP1 x64
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