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JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.4 MacOSX €10 buy download
The award-winning Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA is made
with your productivity and teamwork in mind. Its
consistent coverage across languages and
technologies, deep and intelligent editor, code
analyzer, and refactorings all boost user
productivity, right out of the box.

Key Features

* Wide Range of Supported Languages and

IntelliJ IDEA completely supports the widest range
of modern languages and technologies right out of
the box. Our consistent, in-depth, cross-language
support takes you to a whole new level of
productivity when you code Java, Ruby, Groovy,
JavaScript, JRuby, AJAX, GWT, Rails, Grails, Flex,
JPA, Spring, Web Services, Struts, and more. read

* Intelligent Coding Assistance

Writing clean code is a major responsibility - so
we've built the industry-leading editor to support
you. Our editor escorts you cleanly through a host
of programming languages, markup languages, and
frameworks with advanced code completion,
validation, formatting and styling at your
fingertips. Smart error and syntax highlighting with
intelligent quick-fixes make IntelliJ IDEA the
ultimate environment for creating cutting edge,
error-free code.

* Intuitive Navigation & Search

Quickly analyze even the largest, most complex files
and projects with IntelliJ's code and structure-
aware, Project Navigation View. We've even
specialized active gutter icons and dedicated
navigation panels for different code and file types
to help you analyze and navigate project files in an
intelligent, effective manner.

* Industry-Leading Set of Refactorings

IntelliJ IDEA's refactoring capabilities are
unmatched in the industry. Our rich set of
refactorings (50+) that cover virtually every aspect
of code transformation, dig deeper than other Java
IDEs so that you can maintain and upgrade your
projects more effectively, and are aware of multiple
languages and technologies in your code, such as
Java, XML, JSP, EJB, Javascript, Groovy and Ruby,
enabling premium cross-language refactoring. read

* Unparalleled Code Analysis

Verify the quality of your code with IntelliJ IDEA's
extendable, dynamic code analyzer - Packed with over
600 inspections, on-the-fly code analysis,
error-detection (syntax, compile, and run-time), and
one-click solutions. Our analyzer also detects
performance bottlenecks, dead code, and works with
the Dependency Structure Matrix to simplify your
analysis of Java class dependencies in complex

* Dynamic Languages Support

IntelliJ IDEA actively supports Groovy, Ruby and
JRuby - integrating productivity-enhancing features
such as intelligent coding assistance, code
analysis, and deep refactorings, with an
understanding of mixed codebases and the ability to
cross-resolve Java & Groovy / Java & Ruby classes.

* Web & Enterprise Development Support

Maximize your productivity throughout the
development process with IntelliJ IDEA's full
support for all your programming and markup
languages, application frameworks and technologies,
plus integration with Java application servers like
JBoss, WebSphere, Glassfish, Geronimo, Tomcat and
Weblogic. Then automate your deployment, remotely
debug, and make use of IntelliJ's dedicated visual
diagramming toolset to save even more time.

* Spring & Hibernate Integration

IntelliJ IDEA is the weapon of choice for developing
Spring and Hibernate-based applications. Tight
Spring-Hibernate integration means that IntelliJ
understands when you're using Hibernate in Spring
code (and vice-versa), giving you full coding
assistance with completion, refactoring, and
highlights, plus on-the-fly error checking,
inspections, and quick-fixes. Beef that up with
dedicated visual diagramming tools and Spring AOP -
and you've got a killer app.

* Web Service Application Development

IntelliJ IDEA creates an ideal environment for
developing Web Service applications with Apache
Axis, JAX RPC, JAXWS and XFire by offering
intelligent coding assistance, advanced code
completion, refactorings, on-the-fly code
inspections with instant quick-fixes, automatic
generation of WSDL/WADL code, one-click deployment
and interactive debugging.

* Compiling, Running, Debugging

IntelliJ IDEA supports multiple Java compilers
(javac, jikes, eclipse) and lets you use your
favorite compiler without having to switch IDEs. Its
convenient results view lets you navigate to the
source of any compilation message (error, warning or
anything else) with a single click. Finally, the
best of breed JPDA-based Java debugger has an easy
to use interface and lots of productivity-enhancing
features, including HotSwap technology and
intellectual breakpoints, all tied together to make
Java debugging a real pleasure.

* Unit Testing & Code Coverage

To improve the efficiency of your Java unit process,
IntelliJ IDEA measures the Java code coverage of
your tests with our JUnit and TestNG - compatible
code coverage tool, ensuring that you are always
aware of how your code is tested.

* Team Work Facilitation

IntelliJ IDEA is a tool for teams - integrating with
Eclipse through two-way migration and coexistence
support, and supporting Perforce, StarTeam,
Subversion, ClearCase, CVS and Visual SourceSafe,
all from the same interface, with smart commits,
advanced changelist management and many other
intelligent features. We've even added a built-in
instant messaging system that lets developers
exchange live code pointers and stack traces.
Additionally, IntelliJ IDEA works cleanly with Maven
and TeamCity - Our innovative solution for
continuous integration & build management.

* Open API & Plugins

We pride ourselves on designing IntelliJ IDEA to
boost the productivity of the vast majority of users
in the development community - straight out of the
box - while at the same time, we encourage
personalization and development of features through
our Open API and Plugins. To date, more than 450
plugins have been built, targeting code inspections
and refactoring, editors and tool windows, language
support and application servers, profilers and
Version Control Systems integrations, etc.

Download File Size:85.08 MB

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.4 MacOSX
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