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Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab PDF eBook €10 buy download

Sergey Makarov, "Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab"
English | 2002 | ISBN: 0471218766 | PDF | pages: 288 | 15,7 mb

An accessible and practical tool for effective antenna design
Due to the rapid development of wireless communications, the modeling of radiation and scattering is becoming more important in the design of antennas. Consequently, it is increasingly important for antenna designers and students of antenna design to have a comprehensive simulation tool.
Sergey Makarov's text utilizes the widely used Matlab(r) software, which offers a more flexible and affordable alternative to other antenna and electromagnetic modeling tools currently available. After providing the basic background in electromagnetic theory necessary to utilize the software, the author describes the benefits and many practical uses of the Matlab package. The text demonstrates how Matlab solves basic radiation/scattering antenna problems in structures that range from simple dipoles to patch antennas and patch antenna arrays. Specialized antenna types like fractal antennas and frequency selective surfaces are considered as well. Finally, the text introduces Matlab applications to more advanced problems such as broadband and loaded antennas, UWB pulse antennas, and microstrip antenna arrays.
For students and professionals in the field of antenna design, Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab:
* Strikes an important balance between text and programming manual
* Provides numerous examples on how to calculate important antenna/target parameters
* Provides means for modifying existing codes for various individual projects
* Includes a CD-ROM with Matlab codes and antenna geometry files
The present MATLAB codes are only supported by MATLAB 5 and 6 (up to 2004).

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Antenna and EM Modeling with Matlab PDF eBook
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