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OhmForce Hematohm PRO VST AU RTAS 1.31 MAC OSX UB €20 buy download
Sometimes, you really need to break the harmonic content of a tune. Better
than a ring modulator, Hematohm is a frequency shifter. Behind this easy but
gloomy user interface, you'll find a machine that will allow you to triturate
the sound more than in your most pervert dreams. This tool of torture is
delivered with a vicious envelope follower, a strong LFO, and a delay coming
from forgotten depths.

High quality Frequency Shifter.

LFO with 10 waveforms, including 3 randomised shapes, in order to create an
unlimited number of sound modulation patterns.

An envelope follower very useful to add some colour to your rhythmic sounds.

A Delay containing the main effect inside its loop, which helps to get the
sound more and more changed across the repetitions. The effect location can be
set in the direct forward path or in the delay feedback path only.

MIDI automation for VST, AU and RTAS version

With MIDI feature, it's also possible to adjust the LFO phase to get accurate
tempo synchronization and to obtain very musical and rhythmic effects.

Very fine MIDI control. All RPN and NRPN data sent or recorded by Hematohm are
14-bit accurate.

Easy MIDI configuration with Auto-Bind feature.

Fast configuration : Save MIDI configurations into files and reload them to
avoid to repeat the same operations each time you fire the plug-in.

Move several buttons in one move, with group selection and side-click.

Instant result : with many sequencers (cubase, Orion...), Hematohm adjusts
itself to the right tempo and follows any occurring change.

Useful presets, loadable on-the-fly, that can be applied instantly or with
long or very long transitions where all the parameters switch from the old
value to the new one in a ballet you won't forget!


Download File Size:19.62 MB

OhmForce Hematohm PRO VST AU RTAS 1.31 MAC OSX UB
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