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George Maestri

Need to learn Maya? Start here. This course covers the latest features in Maya 2016, while giving you a strong foundation in all the core tools, including 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, animation, and more. It starts with the basics of selecting and manipulating objects and organizing scenes, as you learn the interface and explore Maya's features. Author George Maestri then takes you through polygonal modeling, creating and refining meshes, sculpting, and NURBS modeling. After you begin to understand modeling, George will show you how to create and apply materials to surfaces—adding color, texture, and reflectivity. He'll then integrate cameras, lighting and depth-of-field effects in the rendering process, and finally, show how to add movement and life to your work with Maya's animation tools.

System requirements
Using the exercise files
1. The Maya Interface
Overview of the Maya interface
Working with files and Maya projects
Configuring viewports
Using the hotbox and marking menus
Customizing the interface
2. Selecting and Manipulating Objects
Selecting objects
Using the Move tool
Rotating and scaling
Manipulating pivots
Duplicating objects
Understanding the Channel Box
Working with the Attribute Editor
Resetting and freezing transformations
Snapping objects
3. Organizing Maya Scenes
Working with the Outliner
Creating hierarchies
Grouping objects
Using groups as pivots
Understanding the Hypergraph
Hiding and showing objects
Creating layers
Working with selection masks
4. Creating Polygonal Models
Differences between NURBS and polygons
Creating polygonal objects
Selecting polygonal components
Using Soft Select and Reflection
Modeling a low poly tree
Combine and Separate
Boolean tools
5. Modeling Polygonal Meshes
Setting up reference
Modeling against reference
Using the Extrude tools
Using the Bevel tools
Working with edge loops
Modeling symmetrical objects
Merging components and target weld
Mirroring geometry
Extruding along a path
Using the Polygon Bridge tool
6. Refining Polygonal Meshes
Using the Modeling Toolkit
Working with subdivision surfaces
Creating creases in smooth surfaces
Smoothing models and managing detail
Using Edge Flow to smooth geometry
Modeling with nonlinear deformers
Modeling with lattices
Managing object history
7. Sculpting Meshes
Understanding the brush interface
Sculpting a basic landscape
8. NURBS Modeling Techniques
Introducing NURBS modeling and editing
NURBS primitives
Using the NURBS curve tools
Creating radial surfaces with Revolve
Using NURBS loft
Opening and closing curves and surfaces
Creating shapes with NURBS planar
Using NURBS extrude
9. Refining NURBS Models
Using isoparms to refine NURBS surfaces
Extracting NURBS curves from surfaces
Creating curves on a surface
Projecting curves on surfaces
Trimming NURBS surfaces
Converting NURBS to polygons
10. Creating Materials
Overview of Maya rendering
Understanding the basic shader types
Creating and applying maps
Using bitmaps as texture
Working with the Hypershade window
Creating materials in the Hypershade window
Using the Ramp material
Using displacement and bump mapping
mental ray materials
11. Applying Materials and Textures
Applying multiple materials to polygonal objects
Basic UV mapping for polygonal objects
Using cylindrical projections on polygons
Understanding the UV Editor
Mapping objects in the UV Editor
Projecting textures on NURBS surfaces
3D painting
12. Rendering in Maya
Render Settings menu
Lights and lighting types in Maya
Creating shadows
Using falloff for realistic lighting
Understanding the basics of cameras
Adding depth of field
Using Motion Blur
Raytracing reflections and refractions
Using indirect lighting for softer shadows
Creating image-based lighting
Batch rendering
13. Animating in Maya
Understanding the animation interface
Animating objects using Set Key
Modifying keys in the Graph Editor
Modifying keys in the Dope Sheet
Creating breakdown keys
Ghosting animation
Using the Grease Pencil tool
Animating objects along spline paths
Animation playback using Playblast
Creating animation cycles
Adding sound to animations
Next steps

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Lynda.com Maya 2016 Essential Training
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