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Lynda.com Facebook Essential Training 2012 €10 buy download

Garrick Chow
3h 3m

Software works on:
Mac and Windows

Learn how to start navigating the world of social networking and put your best face forward online. This course covers the basics: creating a profile; making Facebook friends; viewing their posts with the Ticker and Timeline; communicating via status updates, the wall, and chat; and sharing photos, videos, and links. Author Garrick Chow also touches on the delicate subject of removing friends and respecting other people's privacy online. The advanced features of Facebook—including permissions, add-in applications, and dedicated groups—are also covered.
Topics include:

What is social networking?
Finding and adding friends
Organizing friends into lists
Liking pages
Reading the News Feed
Writing on a friend's wall
Updating your status
Posting videos and links
Sending and receiving private messages
Chatting and becoming invisible on chat
Creating a page for a business, band, or organization
Joining groups
Protecting privacy and staying secure
Deactivating an account

Introduction 52s
Welcome 52s
1. What Is Facebook? 2m 23s
Understanding Facebook and social networking 2m 23s
2. Signing Up and Creating a Profile 20m 34s
Signing up with Facebook 4m 45s
Editing your profile 6m 49s
Changing your profile photo 2m 19s
Configuring notifications 2m 47s
Upgrading to the timeline profile 3m 54s
3. Finding and Adding Friends 18m 4s
Understanding Facebook friends 1m 9s
Finding friends, family, and coworkers 4m 39s
Managing friend requests 3m 24s
Organizing friends into lists 4m 4s
Removing and blocking friends 1m 21s
Liking Pages 3m 27s
4. Your Home Page and the Wall 17m 30s
Understanding the home page 2m 10s
Understanding your News Feed 3m 37s
Understanding the ticker 2m 3s
Understanding and managing your timeline 6m 40s
Writing on a friend's timeline 3m 0s
5. Updating Your Status and Sharing Content 18m 53s
Updating your status 5m 49s
Posting photos, videos, and links 5m 13s
Writing Notes 4m 8s
Tagging friends 3m 43s
6. Managing Photos and Videos 17m 9s
Uploading photos and creating albums 7m 0s
Uploading videos 4m 11s
Tagging, editing, and deleting photos 5m 58s
7. Sending and Receiving Private Messages 6m 55s
Sending private messages 2m 53s
Private messages: reading, replying, and deleting 2m 30s
Setting privacy for private messages 1m 32s
8. Chatting 7m 44s
Displaying the Chat list and chatting with friends 3m 24s
Controlling who can see you 3m 2s
Disabling chat 1m 18s
9. Searching Facebook 6m 16s
Searching for people 2m 1s
Searching for content 1m 40s
Editing your public search listing 2m 35s
10. Facebook Groups 13m 34s
Searching for and joining groups 4m 7s
Creating and administering a group 6m 43s
Posting content to a group 2m 44s
11. Facebook Applications 10m 19s
Understanding applications 2m 22s
Installing and using applications 4m 25s
Viewing app settings and uninstalling apps 3m 32s
12. Creating a Page for Your Business 13m 40s
Creating a Page for your business, band, or organization 7m 16s
Assigning other people as Page administrators 1m 48s
Using your Page identity to post and comment on other Pages 2m 19s
Setting up a username for your Page 2m 17s
13. Protecting Your Privacy and Staying Secure 18m 59s
Choosing privacy settings 7m 31s
Configuring tagging options 3m 44s
Setting up Secure Browsing (https) 3m 36s
Signing out remotely 1m 8s
Recognizing new devices accessing your account 3m 0s
14. Taking a Break from Facebook 9m 56s
Downloading your information 4m 39s
Deactivating your account 3m 17s
Deleting your account 2m 0s
Conclusion 15s
Goodbye 15s


Download File Size:261.16 MB

Lynda.com Facebook Essential Training 2012
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