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Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 2 REFILL (1 cd) €10 buy download
Mystic Dreampads 2, the Karla Edition for Reason 4 and higher

*142 Combinator Patches (21 more since this update!)
*Uncompressed over 300 mb samples (almost 100 mb more since the update!)
*16 demo tracks as RNS file (16 more since the update!)
*Optimized modules folder for convenient low level editing

Notes to the update
MDP02 is our first product that gets an official and free update! We included new
combinator patches as well as more samples. Further we included all demo tracks
which had become a Sonic Flavours tradition shortly after MDP02 got its first release.
We also checked and optimized all modules patches according to our latest standards.
Mystic Dream Pads 02 has gotten bigger and better but kept its own original and
genuine sound, class and charms!

Subtle and Refined
German ambient, chill out artist/composer Harald Karla aka Jonson built 142 combinator
patches for this first Mystic Dream Pads Sequel. Karla loves subtle and refined sound
layering as well as tiny details when it comes to reverb and delays. He's also a
melody man. So there are some beautiful solo patches in there as well. The majority
of all patches are programmed for instant control using the buttons and knobs.

Alive and Natural
Since our Sonic Flavours sound designers use the subtractor and malstrĂm a lot as well
as bpm-synced effects, you can expect our patches to be lively and ynamic. Therein
lies our major advantage when comparing this refill to the numerous, often over
compressed, sampled libraries and sample based VST instruments. Our pads and
soundscapes will integrate more naturally in your mixes. Try it out!

Karla Samples
This 178 mb refill contains a lot of finetuned samples stemming from some of Karla's
favorite synths. These samples put some extra flavours to the overall sound of this
refill. There are some very nice bass synth samples and patches to complete the
sonic spectre.

A Popular Tradition
If you like the wellknown layered sounds by Korg and Roland, you will love the
Karla edition of Mystic Dream Pads which clearly takes this almost 20 years old
sound tradition to a suprising new level. Character, manual playability,
liveliness and emotion without overdoing it are the main keywords.

Creative use of Effects
The Mclass equaliser appears to be a great and very subtle sounding filter for pads
and soundscapes.

It's great to have a combinator with 3 delays lined up where the delay times and
pan knobs are modulated by the subtractor LFO.

Karla's Super Wide Arena patch for the rv7000 is absolutely stunning. It can be
found in a default rack setup RNS file.


Download File Size:183.67 MB

Sonic Flavours Mystic Dream Pads 2 REFILL (1 cd)
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