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SoundSpot Overtone 1.0.1 for Win and Mac €1 buy download

Getting a balanced mix is key to achieving a great master that reproduces well across multiple playback systems. In the past, artists and labels would select mastering studio’s based on the engineer and the equipment they used. This was largely due to specific hardware’s ability to add a certain character to a mix.

Since the explosion of software based mastering, you would think that these hardware units would be redundant. This however couldn’t be further from the truth, with labels and artists alike, seeking that warm & clear character that boutique EQ’s provide.

At SoundSpot we recognised that many software EQ’s are solely focused on being as transparent as possible and while transparency is certainly a virtue in some cases, we felt that the sparkle and unique character that boutique hardware adds was not being delivered in the software realm. With this in mind we set out to build a plugin with its own personal character that will truly give a hardware flavour to software mastering.

The Overtone interface has been designed to give the feel of an analogue EQ, which may seem slightly alien to those of you not familiar with using hardware. It may even seem a little old fashioned, but we can tell you that the sound is not the only reason that studios insist on using these units. When you are deprived of visual information, you are forced to trust your ears and make decisions based on what sounds good, and not what looks like the EQ curves you’ve seen on YouTube tutorials. As a result you’ll get a better mix with less second guessing.

Download File Size:18.89 MB

SoundSpot Overtone 1.0.1 for Win and Mac
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