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Artvera ART Pyrite KONTAKT €1 buy download

ART Pyrite-K offers 555 sound presets (Instruments & Snapshots) in three sound categories. You can create dynamic sequences by using options in the modulation section and/or by using a step sequencer which offers the option to assign its midi output to one oscillator, couple of oscillators or all oscillators. You can also create your own presets easily by using the "Random" feature which can be used for all oscillators as well as for step sequencer.

- Four sound sources (oscillators) based on samples. All samples are looped.
- Oscillators 1 & 2 powered by 24 basic multisampled waveforms.
- Oscillators 3 & 4 powered by 256 single waveforms. (The total number of Groups is 560).
- Two filters 24dB LP and HP (selectable) for oscillators 1 & 2.
- One multi filter 12dB LP/HP for oscillators 3 & 4.
- Two amplitude ADSR-style envelope generators.
- Two filter ADSR-style envelope generators including the envelope amount.
- Two units EQ 2-band, one of them for each pair of oscillators.
- One effect unit Chorus for oscillators 3 & 4.
- One effect unit Delay (controls two units) with the option to select the free or synchronic echoes.
- One special section Subdelay for the control of echoes and positions of sounds.
- One effect unit Stereo for all oscillators.
- One effect unit Reverb for all oscillators.
- One effect unit Torsion for all oscillators.
- One special polyphonic 16-step sequencer (the number of steps is adjustable) with the option to route the Midi output to any oscillator, the pair or to all oscillators.
- Nine modulation slots with the free or synchronic modulation for all filters, mixing and panorama for each pair of oscillators.
- One section Option with the Master Limiter and possibility to set the Velocity sensitivity and Pitch Bend Range for the live playing.
- Three "Random" buttons for the exchange of all waveforms at all oscillators and the randomly setting at Volume level & Pitch shift at all steps in a step sequencer.
- RAM usage 178 MB.
- CPU usage about 7-10 %.
- Three preset categories (+Bonus) include 555 presets in the format NKI and NKSN (snapshot).

Download File Size:224.8 MB

Artvera ART Pyrite KONTAKT
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