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Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions 3 KONTAKT €15 buy download

Psher: Impact Soundworks
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Our finished rhythmic instrument of acoustic guitar! It is easy to create any chord or whole track in any key and tempo, using just one instrument. More than 10-fold content content of the two previous libraries Acoustic Revolutions!
Acoustic Revolutions 3 is the final result of our series of rhythmic acoustic guitar loops. In the first volume there was a small set of stylized loops, the second was expanded by a wider set of basic rhythms, this third record increased content more than 10 times than the previous two libraries. We exhaustively sampled 48 unique rhythms in two tempos, six keys, twelve types of chords and several variations for each rhythm. As a result, you can use the library in almost any composition with minimal application of stretching or shifting!
This third volume also includes a completely new Kontakt tool that gives you many opportunities for playing, sequencing and switching between rhythms and chords. Although all loops are also provided in the same format as WAV, this reproducible tool is an incredibly convenient way to manage a huge bank of music from more than 13,000 loops. Use chord detection or pushbuttons to adjust the new chords, adjust playback settings for synchronization with your host, trigger triggers such as chokes, falls, stops and mutes, and even apply up to 6 effects to our modular analog / digital effects rack!
Acoustic Revolutions 3 is our most versatile, inspiring acoustic guitar. If you write pop, rock, country or EDM, this library is sure to inspire!

Over 14,500 24-bit samples
48 unique rhythm patterns
2 RR variations, 2 tempos, 6 keys per rhythm
Chord types: Maj, min, M6, m6, 5th+oct, dim
Sus2, sus4, aug, 7, m7, M7 (12 types total!
Fret noises, falls, stops, chokes + strum endings
Also provided as WAV
Intelligent chord detection
Syncs to host tempo and playback
Three fret/chord trigger modes
A/B variations and double-tracking built in
Seamlessly transition between chords + phrases
Analog and digitally modeled FX rack
Kontakt patches require FULL VERSION (not player) of Kontakt version 5.5.2 or higher
9GB disk space (Kontakt ver)
4GB RAM (limited rhythms) - 8GB recommended
Your system must also meet the requirements for version 5.5.2 of Kontakt. If you cannot run that version, you will not be able to load the Kontakt instrument.



Download File Size:8.04 GB

Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions 3 KONTAKT
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