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Channel Robot Atmosia KONTAKT €1 buy download
Channel Robot Atmosia KONTAKT | 120 Mb
Atmosia is a unique take on producing drone sounds, using our 4-voice Recoil playback engine. Atmosia includes a set of 50 custom designed drone sources created to provide long-evolving textural soundscapes. The sounds are carefully structured to allow them to be used in a melodic context – they are much more than normal one-note drone loops.

Atmosia’s powerful 4-voice dual-channel engine offers you the sculpting and creative power to use 8 different sounds in your final playback: Select any combination of voices (including repeating the same voice but with modified settings for phase shifting and beating effects), each voice then passes through the standard channel, each with their own envelope, tremolo and vibrato modules.

In parallel the voices pass through our unique physical modelling style exciter and resonator engines, where you can define exciter patterns and speed, attack, release and length as well as define a re-pitching sequence. Each voice channel has independent volume, pitch and sample-start offset controls as well as 4 independent effect slots where you can assign up to 4 effects. Each effect slot offers you 20 different effects to choose from. Finally each channel has 4 send levels – which send to one of the 4 send effect slots. Each slot offers 6 different send effects. The entire instrument has overall volume, pan and limiter controls, as well as an intelligent randomiser to produce new an interesting drone-style sounds quickly and easily.

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Download File Size:166.2 MB

Channel Robot Atmosia KONTAKT
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