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CAMWorks 2021 SP0 | 1.6 Gb
Languages: 中文 Simplified, 中文 Traditional, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語,
Polski, Português-Brazilian, Русский, Español, Türkçe, 한국어, Čeština
The GeometricPLM development team is pleased to announce the availability of CAMWorks 2021 SP0 is the most advanced CAM software available, combining production-proven feature based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, and rules based machining along with tolerance based machining to leverage MBD and PMI technology to automate Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming – paving the way to advanced digital manufacturing.

What’s New in CAMWorks 2021 – SP0
Additional Enhancements in CAMWorks 2021!

- Import Tools from Helical and Harvey Tool Catalog or CSV Files
- 5 Axis – Spiral Swarf Milling and 5 Axis – Minimize Tilting
- Cylindrical Stock Support
- ShopFloor – Add Additional Documents and View/Edit Content
- Improved Sync Manager for Synchronous Machining
- Probing – Additional Parameters and 3 Point Boss / Bore
- Contain Toolpath within the Contact Point Boundaries
- TechDB – Default Feature Options and Resequencing of Operations
- Feature Recognition – Recognize non-uniform fillets/chamfer

CAMWorks 2021 SP0 - Resolved CPRs 1. CW-104667 CSR-15075 TechDB In CAMWorks 2020 SP5, if a Mill-Turn machine is assigned as default machine in TechDB and then user proceeds to open a file in the CAMWorks user interface, an error message is displayed and then CAMWorks crashes.
2. CW-104478 CSR-14972 CSR-14980 ShopFloor When user publishes ShopFloor files on his machine and the file is later viewed in the CAMWorks ShopFloor application, it is observed that the published ShopFloor documents does not include G-code, Setup Sheets and STL folders.
3. CW-104392 CSR-14944 Operation For all 3 Axis Mill operations, if you change the leadin feed, then the Tool tip display will not be updated. When the mill part is saved and reopened later, the updated Leadin feed value is not retained.
4. CW-104281 CSR-14837 Feeds & Speeds When user attempts to import Feed and Speed data present in the 32-bit MS Access based Feed and Speed Library to the new 64-bit SQL-based Feed and Speed library, an error message stating “Constraint Failed” is displayed and the import process gets terminated.
5. CW-104247 CSR-14861 Feature For the specific mill part with Part Perimeter-Open Pocket feature, if the stock bounding box size in increased and the part is rebuilt, it is observed that this part perimeter feature is not updated.
6. CW-104172 CSR-14806 Toolpath When the 3 Axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, the file cannot be saved after generating the toolpath for an Area Clearance operation with pattern type set to Adaptive.
7. CW-104134 CSR-14761 TechDB If a Mill-Turn machine is set as the default machine in TechDB and user proceeds to select a Mill machine in the CAMWorks application loaded as an Add-in within CAMWorks Solids, then CAMWorks Solids crashes.
8. CW-103745 CSR-14582 Operation For the specific assembly, incorrect display of tool is seen during step through simulation of Contour Mill toolpath.
9. CW-103685 51987 TechDB When CAMWorks is run In Japanese language version, users encounter error messages when attempting to import *.csv files in the Tool interface of TechDB App.
10. CW-103655 51891 Feeds & Speeds When user imports the 'material.mdb' file into the newly introduced 64-bit MES Feed & Speed Library application, a message indicating completion of import is displayed but no entry is actually imported.
11. CW-103572 ––- Operation In Spanish language version of CAMWorks, for the specific mill part model, a Mill Setup is interactively inserted, followed by creation of Multiaxis feature with 5 axis strategy and generation of corresponding operations and toolpaths. When the Edit Definition command is executed for this Multiaxis operation, SOLIDWORKS crashes.
12. CW-103558 CSR-14458 Toolpath For the specific part, the toolpath for Contour Mill operation on a pocket feature with bottom finish set to On and high-speed links set to S type, generates incorrect move, and gouges the islands.
13. CW-103525 CSR-14460 Post The Z coordinate and radius values for arcs on sub spindle wrapped features are incorrect.
14. CW-103448 ––- Translation In Spanish language version of CAMWorks, in the CAMWorks Error Message box warning about Stock parameter changes affecting features, operations and toolpaths, the text is displayed in a mixture of multiple languages.
15. CW-103301 CSR-14271 Post Add the ability to use post command “KILLSYSFILE” to delete main posted program, without posting set file.
16. CW-103279 CSR-14346 TechDB In TechDB if a feature strategy name is edited after assigning it as “Default feature strategy” then, it will no longer be available for selection under the available strategies list for the same feature.
17. CW-103085 CSR-14271 Post In the posted output, the value of the post variable “SETUP_ID” is incorrect, when the Mill part setup has a post operation under it.
18. CW-102696 CSR-14100 Toolpath When toolpaths are mirrored using the option from Mill Part setup node then, the toolpath for Multi Axis Mill operations are incorrectly generated.
19. CW-102510 CSR-14099 Post The value of post variable “GETMCS” is incorrectly set in the posted code of Multi axis operation.
20. CW-102413 CSR-14057 Translation In Polish language version of TechDB, the label “ID” is incorrectly translated in Mill Tooling menu.
21. CW-102150 CSR-13916 PostA crash of CAMWorks is seen when the toolpath of Multi axis mill operation generated by setting the option of “Keep initial orientation until distance” to true is post processed.
22. CW-101868 CSR-13832 UIF The size of the text field “Combination ID” is small in the station tab of operation parameters dialog box.
23. CW-101853 CSR-13830 Post Add new post variables of QUERY_TOOL_ASSEMBLY_COMMENT, QUERY_TOOL_ASSEMBLY_DESCRIPTION in Universal Post Generator to output the “Comment” and “Description” for tool assemblies from station tab.
24. CW-101820 CSR-13808 Post Incorrect coordinate values are observed in the posted output of toolpaths machining patterned wrapped features.
25. CW-101343 CSR-13522 Help Add information to the help file regarding non generation of toolpath in some areas of the part for pencil mill operation while using a tapered ball nose tool.
26. CW-101322 CW-98554 CSR-13587 CSR-12551 CSR-13431 Feature The toolpaths are generated for suppressed hole features which are part of a larger hole feature group.
27. CW-101097 CSR-13464 Feature For the specific assembly, the user cannot create an open profile feature from a sketch created by referencing an assembly plane.
28. CW-101096 CSR-13470 UIF For specific part models, the time taken to display the toolpaths in the for selected operations graphics area is unacceptably slow, making the usage experience frustrating.
29. CW-100878 CSR-13388 Post In turning, when multiple tools are assigned to the same station number and yet have different comments in each operation but still only the comment of the first tool is output in posted code for all other tools.
30. CW-100653 CSR-13338 TechDB Add the parameter of “Non-cutting high Z plunge feedrate” for rough mill operations. This parameter will be active only when the pattern type is set to Volumill.
31. CW-100311 CSR-13253 Operation For the specific part, the toolpath generated for a Multi axis mill operation with tighter tolerance is incorrect compared to a toolpath generated with broader tolerance.
32. CW-99965 CSR-13109 Toolpath For the specific part, a crash in CAMWorks is seen when the toolpath of Turn rough operation with leftover WIP set to “From Simulation” or “Previous leftover” is regenerated.
33. CW-99379 CSR-12957 Toolpath For the specific part, the toolpath for contour mill operation with bottom finish set to ‘On’ is not generated when the option of “Bottom first” is selected along with gouge check option of leadin/outs.
34. CW-99374 CSR-12918 TechDB In the specific TechDB, the entry strategy for the contour mill operations defined for a countersink hole features are incorrectly populated. The selection display always remains blank and thus incorrect toolpaths are generated.
35. CW-98775 CW-98765 CSR-12707 Features For the specific assembly, some of the rectangular pocket feature are not recognized automatically by CAMWorks.
36. CW-98722 CSR-12048 Toolpath For the specific part upon regenerating the toolpath in the existing Multi axis Mill operation results in incorrect toolpath.
37. CW-98554 CSR-12551 CSR-13431 Operation Even though one or more features are suppressed in the feature group, the toolpaths for the suppressed group are generated.
38. CW-98532 CSR-12208 TechDB For a SQL server based TechDB, when the user tries to connect to a database for which read and write permission is not available, then it displays incorrect error message related to version mismatch.
39. CW-97891 CSR-12118 Features For the two solids models with similar geometry, when the command (Extract Machinable Features) for Automatic Feature Recognition is run, the results are different.
40. CW-97889 CSR-12159 Setup sheets Add variables for “Minimum cut amount, Maximum cut amount and Scallop” values to be displayed in the setup sheets.
41. CW-96984 CSR-11682 TechDB After customized data present in Technology Database 2018 version is imported into Technology Database 2019 version and the Save Operation Plan (SOP) command is run for a Counter Bore feature with Tap operation, then SOLIDWORKS crashes. Crash DOES Not occur if tap is removed.
42. CW-96307 CSR-11397 Operation When using Three Point Bore or Three Point Boss method for a Probing operation, CAMWorks offers no means to control the angles for the three touch points, resulting tin the inability to avoid clamps.
43. CW-96270 CW-83143 CSR-11368 CSR-13787 TechDB Within the Technology Database user interface, when Tap Cutting or Tap Rolling Conditions are copied to create a new entry, the operations associated with those conditions are not copied.
44. CW-89722 CSR-10108 TechDB For Tap Rolling tools under Mill Tooling in the default Technology Database app, the value of “Tap drill dia” assigned y user is not saved correctly. Incorrect values are displayed for this parameter within the Tap Rolling grid of saved tools.
45. CW-87896 CSR-9464 Post Add a post variable for “Shoulder Length(L4)” in Universal post generator.
46. CW-87289 CSR-8777 Post If the option of sub spindle is set to Off then, tool change command should not be posted for successive operations machining with the same tool.
47. CW-86681 CSR-8680 Post The posted output of the drill operation positioned after a Multi Axis Mill operation will contain incorrect values for “INC-ROT_TILT_A” variable.
48. CW-86651 CSR-8654 TechDB In TechDB, under Multi stepped hole features the user must select the text of the operation name while inserting a new operation. Selecting anywhere in the same line of the text should allow the user to insert the operation.
49. CW-85899 CSR-8097 TechDB The user must select the ‘Show Filter’ option every time he/she opens the TechDB App. It is recommended that an option be provided to enable this filter option so that there is no need to reselect it every time the database is opened fresh.
50. CW-83143 CSR-13787 TechDB In TechDB whenever a new tap is created by copying the existing tap then, its corresponding operations should also get copied to the newly created tap tool.
51. CW-81062 CSR-5175 TechDB In TechDB, incorrect values are observed for some of the parameters in Pencil Mill operation.
52. CW-30682 10-4440 Features For the specific Turn part, the feature segments on nonrevolved faces are inside the part. CAMWorks does not recognize the correct OD feature even though the Feature Extraction method is set to Revolved section.
53. CWR-1868 CSR-14414 Toolpath The toolpath for Z level operation does not get generated when holder avoidance option is enabled in the advanced tab of operation parameters dialog box.
54. CWR-1854 CSR-14102 Toolpath When 3 axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, the toolpath for Area Clearance operation displays incorrect move on the Multisurface feature, when the holder avoidance option is enabled.
55. CWR-1853 CSR-14119 Toolpath When 3 axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, for the specific part the toolpath of Flat Area operation has incorrect links.
56. CWR-1842 CSR-13894 Toolpath When 3 axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, for the specific part, no toolpath is generated for Area Clearance operation when the machining limits are defined the feature limits or stock limits.
57. CWR-1840 CSR-13807 Toolpath When 3 axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, for the specific part the toolpath of Z Level operation with the option Hit flat set to On, incorrectly machines the feature.
58. CWR-1838 CSR-13735 Toolpath When the 3-axis toolpath generation method is set Advanced then, the retract distances for the toolpaths under setups which are at an angle to the spindle direction are incorrect.
59. CWR-1833 CSR-13622 Toolpath When the 3-axis toolpath generation method is set to “Advanced” then, for the specific part the toolpath generated for pattern project does not apply leadin and leadout to each pass.
60. CWR-1800 CSR-12977 Toolpath When the 3 Axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, for the specific part, incorrect toolpath is generated for Pencil Mill operation using tapered shank ball nose tool.
61. CWR-1759 CSR-11796 Toolpath When the 3-axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, the toolpath of area clearance operation with entry type set to ramp and entry holes defined makes entry moves at locations which are not defined by the user. It should make plunge moves at the user defined entry points.
62. CWR-1696 CSR-11210 Toolpath When the 3-axis toolpath generation method is set to “Advanced” then, for the specific part incorrect toolpath is generated for the Z Level toolpath.
63. CWR-1679 CSR-94323 Toolpath When the 3 Axis toolpath generation method is set to Advanced then, for the specific part no toolpath is generated for Area Clearance operation with pattern type set to adaptive.
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CAMWorks for SOLIDWORKS was the first fully integrated computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) solution designed exclusively to operate in SOLIDWORKS and the first to offer knowledge-based, feature recognition, and associative machining capabilities within SOLIDWORKS.

CAMWorks uses the same SOLIDWORKS geometry to generate toolpaths to ensure the part you machine is the same part you’ve modeled. Toolpath simulation allows users to compare “as designed” parts to “as machined” parts. The part model-to-toolpath associativity in CAMWorks increases machining productivity and lowers manufacturing costs by eliminating time-consuming CAM system rework due to design updates.

CAMWorks eliminates the drudgery of CNC programming with Intelligent Machining through automation. Pioneered by Geometric Technologies, this suite of tools automates the generation of toolpaths based on a knowledge-based database. It eliminates hours of complex programming through Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) that automatically defines prismatic machinable features, while the TechDBTM (Technology Database) defines machining operations to automatically generate accurate toolpaths at the click of a button.

CAMWorks machining modules include: 2½ Axis Mill, 3 Axis Mill, Turning, Mill-Turn with 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining Support, 4/5 Axis Simultaneous Machining, and Wire EDM.

CAMWorks for 2021 provides advanced new features to help you take full advantage of your CNC machines

Option to Define Peck Amount | CAMWorks 2021

GeometricPLM by HCL Technologies a specialist in the domain of engineering solutions, services and technologies. Its portfolio of Global Engineering services, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, Embedded System solutions, and Digital Technology solutions enables companies to formulate, implement, and execute global engineering and manufacturing strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies in the product realization lifecycle.

On April 1st 2016, Geometric got into an agreement with HCL Technologies to transfer of its business to HCL Tech by way of demerger, except for its 58% share in the joint venture with Dassault Systèmes (3DS) (3DPLM Software Solutions Limited (3DPLM)). The transition has become effective on March 2nd 2017, after seeking all statutory approvals.

Product: CAMWorks
Version: 2021 SP0 build 2020/1214 (14-December-2020)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.camworks.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 1.6 Gb

* System Requirements: Before installing CAMWorks 2021, ensure that the following system requirements are fulfilled:

Supported Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
- 64-bit version of Windows 10
- 64-bit version of Windows 8.1
- 64-bit version of Windows 7 (SP1 or higher)
** Home editions of the above Operating Systems are not supported.

Supported CAD applications
CAMWorks runs as an Add-in within SOLIDWORKS or CAMWorks Solids. The following versions of CAD applications support CAMWorks 2021 x64:
- 64-bit version of SOLIDWORKS 2021
- 64-bit version of CAMWorks Solids 2021
- 64-bit version of SOLIDWORKS 2020
- 64-bit version of CAMWorks Solids 2020

Hardware Requirements
RAM: 8 GB or more recommended
Video Card: Certified cards and drivers
Processor: Intel or AMD processors with SSE2 support. 64-bit operating system required.
USB port: User may choose to have CAMWorks license on a USB dongle (key). CAMWorks Hardware dongle (key)plugs into the USB port.
Network: Microsoft's Windows Networking and Active Directory network environments.
Install Media: Broadband Internet Connection
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Added by 3% of the overall size of the archive of information for the restoration

No mirrors please

× CAMWorks 2021 SP0 Close

Download File Size:1.55 GB

CAMWorks 2021 SP0
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