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NI AWR Design Environment 22.1 (17559) | 713.7 mb
The Team AWR is pleased to announce the availability of Cadence AWR Design Environment 22.1 (17559). This platform provides RF/microwave engineers with integrated high-frequency circuit (Microwave Office), system (VSS), and EM (AXIEM/Analyst) simulation technologies and design automation to develop physically-realizable electronics ready for manufacturing.

The Cadence AWR Design Environment platform electronic design automation (EDA) software suite provides RF/microwave engineers with access to innovative high-frequency circuit, system, and electromagnetic (EM) analysis technologies. Today’s microwave and RF engineers use this powerful, open platform to design wireless products ranging from base stations to cellphones to satellite communications.
Cadence AWR Design Environment Version 22.1 (V22.1) further accelerates the development of RF/microwave components and systems across monolithic microwave IC (MMIC), RFIC, package, module, and PCB technologies with design automation, powerful in-design analysis, and platform interoperability to support more seamless front-to-back implementation and design verification workflows. The V22.1 release offers improved integration capabilities of Cadence Clarity 3D Solver and Celsius Thermal Solver, delivering unconstrained capacity for electrothermal performance analysis of large-scale, complex RF systems. This release also introduces support for silicon-based MMIC design with direct reuse of Cadence Virtuoso process design kits (PDKs) and integration of the Cadence EMX Planar 3D Solver, an electromagnetic simulator for high-frequency, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

AWR Design Environment

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. is a pivotal leader in electronic design and computational expertise, using its Intelligent System Design strategy to turn design concepts into reality. Cadence customers are the world’s most creative and innovative companies, delivering extraordinary electronic products from chips to boards to systems for the most dynamic market applications.

Owner: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Product Name: AWR Design Environment
Version: 22.1 (17.03R Build 17559 Rev3)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.awr.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 713.7 mb

* System Requirements: × NI AWR Design Environment 22.1 (17559) Close
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Download File Size:705.88 MB

NI AWR Design Environment 22.1
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