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Best Service The Score KONTAKT €60 buy download
EVERYTHING - ALL IN ONE - OUT OF THE BOX. Composing professional film music is a difficult task. In addition to musical creativity, a great deal of technical knowledge is required as well. Until now.

The Score is our groundbreaking all-in-one scoring tool, covering a massive range of genres, styles, and instruments. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect assistant, making composing as creative as possible, without any limits. Skip all technical burdens and start making music now.

- Perfectly matched scoring toolbox, guiding you from the start to the end of your composition.
- Massive, colorful instrument collection: 46 orchestral, 37 synth, 20 band, 34 world and 18 drum instruments and more (160 in total).
- Comes with 120 animated stories to inspire you. Each story includes four different arrangements with a vast dynamic range, meant to help you tell your own musical tale.
- Includes various groundbreaking power tools: Chord Studio, Melody Studio, Dynamic Mixer, and Adaptive Customizer.

The Score is our All-In-One solution for scoring. It’s a perfectly coordinated toolbox to give you access to the popular sounds-like-film-music feeling right Out-of-the-Box. Compose professional scores quickly and joyfully in a jam-like composition process. Or compose your music note-for-note using our huge collection of single instruments.

The Score gives you everything you need to compose for any genre, right out of the box. Start with inspiring stories and use our smart tools to get on track instantly. Further shape your work with over 160 individual instruments. Our intuitive interface makes your composing efficient, straightforward, and fun.

The Score comes with 120 complex stories for a quick entry into every genre. Stories are animated arrangements, each featuring diverse musical variations and a vast dynamic range. All Stories are completely customizeable - they are the foundation of your creative progress.

- Quick Entry: A Story is a carefully arranged color selection to quickly get you into any mood and genre.
- Variations: With keyswitches, switch between any of several musical variations within each story.
- Dynamics: Use the modwheel to take control of the arrangement and dynamics of every story.

All Stories are made of 10 arranged instrument slots, which you can exchange at your will. To cover the extremely diverse scoring palette, The Score comes with over 160 instruments, covering everything from all orchestral instrument sections, to countless diverse synthesizer and band instruments, world music soloists, percussion, and more. The Score gives you everything you need to create the perfect composition!

The Score contains huge pool of instruments that can be played freely or in combination with a set of revolutionary and intelligent composition tools. It's up to you whether you want to be inspired by The Score's tools or just dive into the huge pool of instruments - and play them freely.

The key to many good scores is the combination of accompaniment and melody. The Score comes with two separate instruments (Ensemble & Lead), each focusing on one key aspect, to ensure the most efficient workflow.

- The Ensemble instrument will help you create diverse accompaniments.
- The Lead instrument will help you create unique melodies and lead content.

Click on an instrument to change its behavior and customize every detail.

- Envelope for Longs: Modify long notes relating to the Mod Wheel. Invert the curve to create astonishing morph-effects and incredibly organic textures.
- Step Sequencer for Shorts: Use the Step Sequencer to modify the velocity of short notes relating to the movement of the Mod Wheel.
- Customizer: Design your own individual musical patterns with up to 5 pitches simultaneously for fuller arrangements.
- Drum Map: When having a percussion instrument selected, the customizer automatically becomes a drum map for handy drum programming within The Score.

Get Inspired by unheard melodies & create your own.
The Score’s Lead Instrument is the perfect partner to the Ensemble. Compose astonishingly beautiful melodies and let the Lead enchant you with its beautiful melody instruments.

- Instruments: Choose between up to 2 beautiful melodic instruments.
- Effects: Use top-notch effects to polish your sound.

The Score’s Melody Studio™ lets you create unheard of melodies with one click using a unique Markov chain-based algorithm. Simply generate and polish melodies to make them your own.

- Get Inspired: Let our magic algorithms enchant you with amazing melodies, based on your settings.
- Combine: Combine the power of our Melody Maker and the Chord Studio™ by importing chord progressions into the Melody Studio™.

Move and shape every note in the editor to create exactly what you have in mind.

- Make it Your Own: Make the melody your own within The Score by adjusting the notes to your taste. Export the MIDI including the dynamics to your DAW to orchestrate it further.
- Control Dynamics: Control the dynamics to create beautiful expressive melodies.
- Adjust the Algorithm: Customize the conditions of the algorithm to get the desired results.

The Score comes with a unique Chord Studio™ to expand your tonal cosmos. Get inspired by the chord progressions that come with each story and make them your own.

Key Features:
- The ultimate all-in-one set of scoring tools
- A mind-blowing customizer controlling 10 layers of melodies and harmonies
- Mod Wheel fully optimized to maximize the energy and tension
- An entire orchestral selection with 160 instruments
- 120+ incredible animated Story presets with four different arrangements and endless possibilities
- 4 groundbreaking tools: Chord Studio, Melody Studio, Dynamic Mixer, Adaptive Customizer
- Lead instrument to design virtuosos and melody
- 19.5 GB of uncompressed data

Note: Minimum required Kontakt Player or FULL Kontakt version 7.5.2 and higher!

Home Page - https://www.bestservice.com/en/the_score.html

Download File Size:19.23 GB

Best Service The Score KONTAKT
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