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Acoustics Module for Comsol Multiphysics 3.3 €25 buy download
The Acoustics Module is a world-class
solution to all your acoustics
modeling needs. Easy-to-use
application modes
provide you with all you require to
model acoustic wave propagation in
air and water and other fluids, as well
as solids.
It is designed specifically for those who
work with devices that produce, measure,
and utilize acoustic waves in classical acoustics,
such as speakers, microphones and hearing aids
from the audio industry, and muffler design, sound
barriers and building acoustics from noise-control

The modeling of acoustics-structure interaction is
easily done within the Acoustics Module, particularly
for applications such as the design of SONAR devices
transducers for use in medical and non-destructive
testing applications and noise and vibration.

It also contains a specific interface for modeling
aeroacoustics, especially for the control of aircraft
engine noise, while making use of its general
multiphysics ability provides further accuracy to
classical acoustics.


Download File Size:98.5 MB

Acoustics Module for Comsol Multiphysics 3.3
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